Delta Shoulder


Delta Reverse Arthroplasty for the Shoulder



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If you are looking for information about the Delta Arthroplasty, then you should visit the University of Washington's Ortho page on the Delta Prosthesis.  This is just a test page to see if Delta Shoulder will register on a Google search for "delta shoulder" with just a few SEO tricks.


Delta Shoulder

Taken 30 March 2006



After putting up this page and waiting a week or two, it had ranked very poorly.  I even removed several of the links pointing at this page since it appeared to be a "failed" experiment.  Then after forgetting about this page I found it on the top ten for a Google search for "Delta Shoulder" - with and without quotations.  It seems that over a bit of time, the ranking of this site and page has slowly improved.  On September 3 2006, I added a few extra links pointing to this page to see if I can notch it up a bit.


Taken 3 September 2006


This page had a minor setback after we intentionally removed part of this site from Google's index.  We'll see if it does better after Google re-indexes this Delta Shoulder page.



Here are some more words that have nothing to do with this surgical procedure and is placed here just to take up some space.



We also added this Delta Shoulder linked image to see if it turns up on Google.:


Delta Shoulder

Experimental hyperlinked image


It does.