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CCKM: Keyword
Biophysical Parameters  (or sample input files)

   CCKM: TCC={} TPOT={} GF={} N0={} F0={} KAP={} VOL={}

    CCKM: TCC=10 TPOT=20 GF=1.0 N0=1.0E+07 KAP=1.0D+09 VOL=1
    CCKM: TCC=24.37 TPOT=42.5 GF=1.0 F0=1.0E-38  KAP=1.0D+09 VOL=2.5

Tip: In Virtual Cell input files, all parameters must appear to the right of the CCKM: keyword (i.e., on the same line in the input file).

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Last updated: 10 June, 2011