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Human Fibroblast (AG1522)

AG1522 normal human skin fibroblasts were irradiated by gamma-rays from Cs-137 (dose rates of 0.24, 0.34, 0.71 and 81 Gy/hour).  Measured data (filled symbols) were digitized from the published figures using UnGraph.  In the published figures (Hall et al. 1986), several estimates of the surviving fraction are reported for each type of exposure.  In the processed dataset shown below, surviving fraction data for the same type of exposure scenario (dose and dose rate) are averaged together.  The calibrated LPL, RMR, and TLK input files give equally good fits to the measured data as a function of dose and dose rate (solid black lines in the surviving fraction vs. dose plot).
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Last updated: 10 June, 2011