MF 1:30-3:20, Denny 401

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Oct 10: Pioneers
Oct 17: Expertise
Oct 24: Cliffords
Oct 31: Danger
Nov 7: El Dorado
Nov 14: Emotions
Nov 21: Natives
M Dec 1: Assistants
Dec 5: Summary

Sep 29: Experience
Oct 6: Observation
Oct 13: Interview
Oct 20: Discomfort
Oct 27: Formal
Nov 3: Survey
Nov 10: Photo
Nov 17: Video
Nov 24: Digital
Instructor Stevan Harrell
Professor of Anthropology
Professor of Environmental and Forest Sciences
Adjunct Professor of Chinese
Faculty Associate, Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

This class, designed for doctoral students in sociocultural anthropology, deals with both the history and the methods of ethnographic research, along with the practical and ethical issues in completing such research successfully. It is very much a participation, and discussion class, and alternates between two modes of learning:

  • Critical learning: for each Friday's class, we will read about the ethnographic experiences of various professionals. By Thursday at midnight, you will be required to post a comment on the week's readings, and we will spend the majority of class time discussing the issues you bring up in your posts, along with any others that I feel are pertinent, or that come up during the discussion. But we will reserve the last half-hour for discussion of the exercise due the following Monday
  • Active learning: for each Monday's class, you will have an ethnographic exercise to complete, and you will have a posting assignment, due 9:00 Monday morning, along with a comment on someone else's post due at noon. We will spend class time going over some or all of your posts.