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Student BioArt

Students in my classes sometimes have the opportunity to create content-rich artistic projects about the material we are covering. Below are some of my all-time favorites, posted with the students' permission.

Term Student(s) Project
Fall 2019Kelly Ogg"Anatomical Body Movements" [TikTok dance]: video
Spring 2019Sherwin Afable"Immune Surveillance" [skit]: script (PDF)
Spring 2019Derek Bluto and Theo Cordero"It's the Treatment I Want" [song]: audio file (MP3), lyrics (PDF)
Spring 2019Hayden Bollinger"How Blood Moves Through the Heart" [video tutorial]: video
Spring 2019Jonathan Chaves"Control Town Road" [song]: video
Spring 2019Katie Noh"Making Friends in Muscle Cells" [cartoon]: cartoon (PDF)
Spring 2018Dave Hoover"Nephron Song": audio file (MP3), lyrics (PDF)
Winter 2018Bethanie Heitzman"Tropomyosin and Troponin" [song]: audio file (MP3), lyrics (PDF)
Winter 2018VyVy Mai"A-thero-sclerosis" [song]: lyric video
Winter 2016Monica Myers"Jose Glucose" [song]: audio file (MP3; performed by Buck Myers)