Awards and Press
Dec : Lisa Lin is awarded the competitive, Mary Gates Research Scholarship from the University of Washington. Congrats, Lisa!
Sept : Julian Avila receives the Best Postdoc Presentation Award at the Biology Annual Retreat at the Friday Harbor Lab.

Torii Lab in the Media

  • 2013 Current Biology Q&A: Keiko U. Torii. <- Read what she says about plant biology, and balancing career and family.
  • 2012
    Nov : Keiko Torii is elected as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) (click here).

    Sept : Keiko Torii is elected as a Member of the Washington State Academy of Sciences (WSAS) (click here).

    Sept : Kylee Peterson received UW Biology's Washington Research Foundation-Hall Fellowship. In the Autumn 2012 quarter, Kylee will be joining ERATO Higashiyama's group (Nagoya, Japan) to learn advanced live imaging. Congratulations, Kylee!

    Torii Lab in the Media

  • 2012 HHMI Bulletin "Tiny Breathing Mouths"
  • 2012 HHMI News "Chemical Signal Helps Plants Control Their 'Breathing'"
  • 2012 UW Biology Almni Newsletter "Challenging a Fine Balance"
  • 2012 ASCB Membership Profile
  • ASPB Ambassador Outreach Video at Plant Biology 2012 <-Watch what Helen and Keiko say about the excellent undergraduate research opportunity by the American Society of Plant Biologists.

  • 2011
    Jun : Keiko Torii named an HHMI-GBMF investigator (click here).

    May : Helen Lai receives Frye-Hoston-Rigg Award for her research on Arabidopsis peptide signal genes. Congratulations, Helen!

    May : Helen Lai also receives Undergraduate Summer Research Award from the American Society of Plant Biologists (click here).

    May : Keiko Torii is one of the five faculty mentors (out of 133 nominees) to receive the University of Washington Undergrad Resaerch Mentor Award (click here).

    Dec : Ben Burrows is now the University of Washington Mary Gates Endowment Undergraduate Resaerch Fellow. He also received a Sergant Award from the UW Biology. Congratulations, Ben!

    Apr : Kylee Peterson is now the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship awardee. Congratulations, Kylee!

    Mar : Dr. Torii receives the JSPS Prize. Here are some photos at the award ceremony, Dr. Torii receiving a medal in the presence of the Prince and Princess of Japan, Their Imperial Highnesses Akishino. For description (in Japanese) Click here. (click here).

    Mar : Interview with Dr. Torii ~Mainichi Shimbun~ (see below).

    Dr. Torii receives the JSPS Prize.

    Mainichi Shinbun
    Mainichi Shimbun