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*Hagihara, S., Yamada, R., Itami, K., *Torii, K.U. (2019) Dissecting plant hormone signaling with synthetic molecules: perspective from the chemists. Curr Opin Plant Biol doi:10.1016/j.pbi.2018.09.002 [PubMed Abstract]

Perraki, A., DeFalco, T., Derbyshire, P., Avila, J., Sere, D., Sklenar, J., Qi, X., Stransfeld, L, Schwessigner, B., Kadota, Y., Macho, A.P., Jiang, S., Coudo, D., Torii, K.U., Menke, F.L.H., and *Zipfel, C. (2018) Phosphocode-dependent functional dichotomy of a receptor in plant signaling. Nature 561: 248-252 [PubMed Abstract]

*Torii, K.U., Hagihara, S., Uchida, N., and Takahashi, K. (2018) Harnessing synthetic chemistry to probe and hijack auxin signaling. New Phytologist 220: 417-424 [PubMed Abstract]

Yamada, R., Murai, K., Uchida, N., Iwasaki, R., Tada, Y., Kinoshita, T., Itami, K., *Torii, K.U., and *Hagihara, S. (2018) A super strong engineered auxin-TIR1 pair. Plant Cell Physiol 59: 1538-1544 [PubMed Abstract] ~Cover of the issue

*Kinoshita, T., *McCourt, P., Asami, T.,* Torii, K.U.(2018) Plant Chemical Biology Plant Cell Physiol 59: 1483-1486 (Editorial) [PubMed Abstract]

Dev Cell

Fendrych, M., Akhmanova, M., Merrin, J., Glanc, M., Hagihara, S., Takahashi, K., Uchida, N.,Torii, K.U. and *Friml. J. (2018) Rapid root growth brake by TIR1 auxin signaling. Nature Plants 4: 453-459 [PubMed Abstract]

Han S.K., Qi, X., Sugihara, K., Dang, J.H., Endo, T.A., Miller, K.L., Kim, E.D., Miura, T., *Torii, K.U. (2018) MUTE Directly Orchestrates Cell-State Switch and the Single Symmetric Division to Create Stomata. Developmental Cell 45: 303-315 [PubMed Abstract] ~Cover of the issue F1000 Recommended

Dev Cell

Uchida, N., Takahashi, K., Iwasaki, R., Yoshimura, M., Endo, T.A., Kimura, S., Zhang, H., Nomoto, M., Tada, Y., Kinoshita, T., Itami, K., *Hagihara, S., and *Torii, K.U. (2018) Chemical hijacking of auxin signaling with an engineered auxin-TIR1 pair. Nature Chem Biol 14: 299-305 [PubMed Abstract] F1000 Exceptional

Qi, X., and *Torii, K.U. (2018) Hormonal and environmental signals guiding stomatal development. BMC Biology 16: e21 [PubMed Abstract]

Kimura, Y., Takasa, M., *Torii, K.U., and *Uchida, N. (2018) ERECTA-family genes coordinate stem cell functions between the epidermal and internal layers of the shoot apical meristem. Development 145: [PubMed Abstract]

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Hirakawa, Y., *Torii, K.U., and *Uchida, N. (2017) Mechanisms and strategies shaping plant peptide hormones. Plant Cell Physiol 58: 1313-1318 [PubMed Abstract]

Ziadi, A., Uchida, N., Kato, H., Hisamatsu, R., Sato, A., Hagihara, S., *Itami, K., and *Torii, K.U. (2017) Discovery of a synthetic small molecule that enhance the number of stomata: C-H functionalization chemistry for plant biology. Chem Commun 53: 9632-9635 [PubMed Abstract]

Bratt, M.R., Brodribb, T.J., and Torii, K.U. (2017) Small pores with a big impact. Plant Physiol 174: 467-469 [PubMed Abstract]

Qu, X., Peterson, K.M., and *Torii, K.U. (2017) Stomatal development in time: Past and future. Curr Opin. Genetics & Development 45: 1-9 [PubMed Abstract]


Qi, X., Han, S.K., Dang, J.H., Garrick, J.M., Ito, M., Hofstetter, A.K., and *Torii, K.U. (2017) Autocrine regulation of stomatal differentiation potential by EPF1 and ERECTA-LIKE1 ligand-receptor signaling. eLife: e24102 [PubMed Abstract]

Hirakawa, Y., Shinohara, H., Welke, K., Irle, S., Matsubayashi, Y., *Torii, K.U., and *Uchida, N. (2017) Cryptic bioactivity capacitated by synthetic hybrid plant peptides. Nature Commun 8: 14318 [PubMed Abstract]

Tameshige, T., Ikematsu, S., *Torii, K.U., and *Uchida, N. (2017) Stem development through vascular tissues: EPFL-ERECTA family signaling that bounces in and out of phloem. J Exp Bot. 68: 45-53 [PubMed Abstract]

Ikematsu, S., Tasaka, M., *Torii, K.U., and *Uchida, N. (2017) ERECTA-family receptor genes prevent excessive progression of radial growth and premature initiation of fiber differentiation in the Arabidopsis hypocotyl vasculature. New Phytologist 213: 1697-1709 [PubMed Abstract]

Tameshige, T., Okamoto, S., Tasaka, M., Torii, K.U., and *Uchida, N. (2016) Impact of erecta mutation on leaf serration differs between Arabidopsis accessions. Plant Signal & Behav 17: [PubMed Abstract]

Tameshige, T., Okamoto, S., Lee, J.S., Aida, M., Tasaka, M., *Torii, K.U., and *Uchida, N. (2016) A secreted peptide and its receptors shape the auxin response patterns and leaf margin morphogenesis. Current Biology 26: 2478-2485 [PubMed Abstract]

Jorda, L., Sopena-Torres, S., Escudero, V., Nunez-Corcuera, B., Delgado-Cerezo, M., Torii, K.U., and Molina, A. (2016) ERECTA and BAK1 Receptor Like Kinases Interact to Regulate Immune Responses in Arabidops. Front. Plant Sci 28: e897 [PubMed Abstract]

Putarjunan, A., and *Torii, K.U. (2016) Stomagenesis versus myogenesis: Parallels in intrinsic and extrinsic regulation of transcription factor mediated specialized cell-type differentiation in plants and animals. Develop, Growth & Diff 58: 341-354. [PubMed Abstract]

Han, S.K., and *Torii, K.U. (2016) Lineage-specific stem cells, signals and asymmetries during stomatal development. Development 143: 1259-1270. [PubMed Abstract]

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Torii, K.U. (2015) Stomatal Differentiation: the beginning and the end. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 28: 16-22. [PubMed Abstract] -cover of the issue!

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Avila, J., Lee, J.S., *Torii, K.U. (2015) Protocol: Co-immunoprecipitation of membrane receptors. The Arabidopsis Book 13: e0180 [PubMed Abstract]

Tameshige, T., Hirakawa, Y., *Torii, K.U., *Uchida, N. (2015) Cell walls as a stage for intercellular communication regulating shoot meristem development. Front Plant Sci 6: e324 [PubMed Abstract]


Cui, H., Kong, D., Wei, P., Hao, Y., Torii, K.U., Lee, J.Ss, Li, J. (2014) SPINDLY, ERECTA and its ligand STOMAGEN have a role in Redox-mediated Cortex Proliferation in the Arabidopsis Root. Mol Plant [PubMed Abstract]

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van Zanten M., Basten Snoek L., van Eck-Stouten E., Proveniers M.C., Torii K.U., Voesenek L.A.,Peeters A.J., Millenaar F.F. (2010) Ethylene-induced hyponastic growth in Arabidopsis thaliana is controlled by ERECTA. Plant Journal 61: 83-95 [PubMed Abstract] [pdf]


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  • Featured: In Brief. They All Scream for ICE1/SCRM2: Core Regulatory Units in Stomatal Development by Nancy Hofmann. Plant Cell 20: 1732 (Click here)

Pillitteri, L.J., Bogenschutz, N.L., *Torii, K.U. (2008) The bHLH protein, MUTE, controls differentiation of stomata and the hydathode pore in Arabidopsis. Plant and Cell Physiology 49: 934-943 [PubMed Abstract]

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  • Featured: 'In this issue': Plant talk. Development 131, 701

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