Some Island Rule Calculations

Also see Island Rule calculations on my ERS Island Rule page and also some work on a Hobart page
  1. Some documentation of the winds and curl (also on the Winds page)
    1. Mean winds: Taux   Tauy   Curl   Curl and Tau
         Wind magnitude: SW Pacific   NC/Vanuatu detail
    2. Mean Curl in the S Pacific
         SW Pacific detail
         NC-vanuatu detail
    3. Parts of the curl: Wind components   Wind derivatives (also see 2d below)
    4. Global winds and curl:  Stress 1   Stress 2   Curl   Stress and curl    Sverdrup streamfunction

  2. Sverdrup calculations (also on the Winds page)
    1. Sverdrup streamfunction (non-Island Rule): 2° differencing    1° differencing
         NC-Vanuatu detail    NC-Vanuatu-Fiji detail    NC-Vanuatu-Fiji detail (b)
    2. Compare Quikscat: Quikscat    Overlay ERS
    3. Parts of Sverdrup transport (V_g): V_g    Curl part    Taux part
    4. Curl and Sverdrup U (Paper figure)
    5. Steps to find Sverdrup U (Island Rule (ir4.f))
      1. ERS wind components
      2. Streamfunction and Curl
      3. Components of Curl(Tau)
      4. Components of d(Curl(Tau))/dy   (Smoothed sbx3 in x)
      5. d(Curl(Tau))/dy and its zonal integral    (Original to 30°S)   Sverdrup in detail
    6. Further investigation of the zonal SEC jets (given by the windfield):
      1. ERS Curl and d(Curl(Tau))/dy   Overlay of zero d(Curl(Tau))/dy   Tropical Pacific (labeled)
      2. Island Rule vs No-islands zonal transport   Difference
      3. Intermediate time series at 150°W-110°W:
        1. ERS Interannual:     Curl + Tau vectors   Taux + overlaid Curl
        2. ERS Annual cycle:  Curl + Tau vectors   Taux + overlaid Curl
        3. Combined ERS+Quikscat interannual time series:
      4. Mean Tau-x, Curl(Tau), d(Curl(Tau))/dy at 150°W-110°W   140°W-110°W   140°W-90°W
      5. ERS Curl and Sverdrup U (recombination of figures 2.d.ii and 2.d.v above)
        Whole tropical Pacific: Sverdrup U   U at 150°W
        Compare Ferret vs fortran integration (@ddc vs 1°Curl in fortran)
      6. Jets from Island Rule, CARS U_g, ORCA: 170°E   160°E   170°W-160°W   168°W-162°W (original CARS)
        Islandrule at several longitudes in the E Pacific
        Levitus transport at 6 longitudes
        Levitus/I.R./ORCA comparisons at 175°W-130°W
      7. Compare ORCA vs Island Rule zonal transport: Streamfunction   Zonal transport   Add CARS   Extend to S America
        Levitus zonal transport
      8. Cars ug and sigmatheta section at 170°W-160°W   Levitus 175°W-130°W

  3. First Island Rule calculation (ir3.f):
    1. South Pacific Streamfunction
    2. SW Pacific Streamfunction

  4. Sverdrup, Ekman and Geostrophic transport: Vectors   V-component
    Compare CARS

  5. Improved Island Rule streamfunctions (ir4c.f):
    1. SW Pacific
    2. 10°S to 26°S (Australia to Fiji)
    3. NC to Vanuatu detail
    4. Southern supergyre (ir5_b, made for glider review)

  6. Sverdrup streamfunction year by year:
    Curl anomalies: 1991-94   1994-97   1997-00   
    Curl and Tau anomalies: 1991-94   1994-97   1997-00   
    Streamfunction: 1991-94   1994-97   1997-00   
    Also see Hobart EAC work (see Fig 4.5 on ~/billykessler/web/sverdrup/csirowebfiles/sverdrup/eac-circ.html)
    Anomalies: 1991-94   1994-97   1997-00   
    Zonal current: 1991-94   1994-97   1997-00   
    Zonal current anomalies: 1991-94   1994-97   1997-00   

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