Drifter and Shipdrift estimates of surface currents around NC

This work attempts to confirm the southeastward geostrophic surface currents found along the W coast of NC (see figures on the CARS page, for example Fig 2.2.h).

  • The shipdrifts show little sign of a surface eastward current in the region near NC.
  • The drifters are fairly consistent with the geostrophic currents, and show the cyclonic eddy just west of NC.

    Notes on gridding and filling and their consequences:

    1. Shipdrift estimates:
      1. Mean: 
        1. SW Pacific (Compare 2.2 below, note different vector scale)
        2. Color zonal component
        3. NC region (Compare 2.3 below)
      2. Annual cycle: 6 bimonths   All overlaid
    2. Drifter estimates:
      1. Distribution of samples: Basin-wide   SW Pacific   Along 163.5°E
      2. SW Pacific Mean: SW Pacific (Compare 1.1.a above, note different scale)
           Overlay sample count   Blank if fewer than 25 samples/gridbox
      3. NC region mean (Compare 1.1.c above)
      4. Annual cycle: Gaussian gridded and filled   Blanked for no obs each month
      5. Mean across S Pacific (STCC??)

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