Figures showing ERS winds

  1. Initial explorations and basic statistics
    1. Mean winds: Taux   Tauy   Curl   Curl and Tau
         Wind magnitude: SW Pacific   NC/Vanuatu detail
    2. Mean Curl in the S Pacific
         (Minus average E of NC)
         SW Pacific detail
         NC-vanuatu detail
         Compare NC-Vanuatu Curl from Quikscat3 (2001-2)
         Compare NC-Vanuatu Curl from FSU Quikscat (1999-2002)
    3. Sverdrup streamfunction: 2° differencing   1° differencing   NC-Vanuatu detail   NC-Vanuatu-Fiji detail   NC-Vanuatu-Fiji detail (b)
         Examples shown in Islandrule lecture:   1   2   3
         Compare Quikscat: Quikscat   Overlay ERS
         Parts of Sverdrup transport (V_g): V_g   Curl part   Taux part
    4. Climatology:
      1. Bimonthly Tau: Climatology    Anomalies
      2. Bimonthly Curl: Climatology    Anomalies
      3. Seasonal Tau: Climatology    Anomalies   To 120°W
        Tau time series at 7°S,148°E (PNG coast)
      4. Seasonal Curl: Climatology    Anomalies
      5. 1 cpy harmonics (Taux, Tauy, Curl)
      6. Region near NC: Winds    Anomalies   Mean and anomalies overlaid   Curl
      7. Basinwide harmonics
        1. Taux   Tauy   Curl   (S Pacific detail)
        2. 30°S-30°N: Taux   Tauy   Curl   
      8. Harmonics of Curl(Tau/f): Amp and phase   Square harmonics
    5. RMS of Taux/Tauy and Curl
      1. Annual cycle
      2. Anomalies from annual cycle
      3. Curl (annual and interannnual)
    6. Correlation of Taux and Tauy
      1. Annual cycle
      2. 1991-2000 monthly record   Anomalies from annual cycle
    7. Variance ellipses
      1. Annual cycle
      2. Anomalies from annual cycle
      3. To 120°W   (Omit vectors)
    8. EOFs of Curl
      1. Monthly
      2. Interannual   Interannual (smoothed)
    9. Interannual stuff
      1. Taux at 180°: 1-yr smoothed   77-day
      2. Correlation of Taux with Taux at the Eq: 77-day smoothed   1-yr smoothed (smoothed)
    10. Ekman transport
      1. Ekman transport vectors
      2. Ekman transport magnitude and direction
      3. Ekman and geostrophic transport vectors
      4. Seasonal Ekman transport:   Values   Anomalies   Northern hemisphere

  2. (x,t) section along 20°-23°S (East of NC)
    1. Curl interannual anomalies
    2. Curl annual cycle
    3. Annual cycle E of NC

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