Figures showing gridded BMRC XBT data

  1. Initial explorations: BMRC gridded product
    (unless otherwise noted, DH and u_g are relative to 500m)
    1. Mean meridional sections
      1. Mean T along 165°E, and S implied by a mean T-S relation
      2. Mean T, overlay u_g:    160°E    165°E    170°E    175°E
      3. Mean u_g along 165°E on density levels
    2. Maps of isotherm depths: Mean isotherm depths   Thicknesses
    3. Maps of RMS ug: ug   (Compare TOPEX)   Zonal transport
    4. Maps of DH and geostrophic currents at various depths:
      1. Surface
      2. 100m
      3. 150m
      4. 200m
      5. 250m
      6. On Sigma-t=25 (MSF)
    5. PV [f*d(rho)/dz]/rho0:
      1. Along 165°E   On density coordinates
      2. On Sigma-t=26   On Sigma-t=25

  2. Comparisons with TOPEX:
    1. TOPEX and DH RMS in the S Pacific
    2. Time series of interannual DH along 20°-23°S (1980-2003)
         Time series 1992-2003     Compare TOPEX

  3. Comparisons with Levitus:
    1. Levitus surface u_g
    2. Levitus u_g along 163°E    Overlay BMRC u_g
    3. Salinity on depth surfaces: 0m   150m   800m   
    4. Salinity on isopycnals: 24.5   25.5   26.5   27    Overlay velocity: 24.5   25.5   26.5   27
    5. Integrated transports: 0/1000m Vectors   With transport streamlines   Overlay shaded u   0/500m (rel 1000)   0/500m (rel 500)
    6. Meridional sections of u: u   u over T   Differences from 171°E

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