Figures showing TOPEX altimetry

  1. Initial explorations and basic statistics
    1. South Pacific RMS SSH    Detail    Interannual
    2. Annual cycle along 20°S-23°S
    3. SSH anomalies along 20°S-23°S
          90-day filtered anomalies     Compare BMRC DH
          Overlay ERS curl
    4. RMS u_g: 10-day samples   Monthly average   (Compare XBT)   Interannual
  2. Noumea tide gauge data
    1. Comparison against TOPEX   (low-frequency)
    2. Check filling a few months
    3. Compare against the SOI
  3. Rossby model comparisons
    1. Compare TOPEX interannual RMS with a Rossby waves model
    2. Correlation with a Rossby waves model
  4. Try fitting RW speed at 21.5°S

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