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Must reads:

# GSA professional code of conduct

# AGU diversity and inclusion

# UW Diversity Blueprint 2017-2021

# Southern Poverty Law Center practical advice for responding to everyday bigotry

# Stopping sexist speech in the sciences

# handout summarizing much of the above

# Washington Post Article on National Academies consensus report on harassment of women in academic sciences, engineering, medicine

# Respect and Equity in Fieldwork

# Best practices for fieldwork (UW)

# Go beyond bias training (Nature)

Info for students

# Dear students: why you should take geology

# Expectations & info for new grad students (doc)

# Expectations & info for new grad students (pdf)

# Kate's Do and Don't list (advice on how I stay happy and productive, with notes for women in science)

# Requesting letters of recommendation

# On creativity / some great advice

# Peer mentoring is extremely effective

# Semi-annual activity report

# Kate's GeoClub communication workshop, with sample job application materials, sample email to prospective graduate advisor, elevator pitch & more [slides] [handout] (letter worksheets in handout are from Alley, The Craft of Scientific Writing page)

Preparing for academic careers in geoscience

Alternative science careers

Careers in geoscience

Science Career basics book

Supporting graduate students of color at UW

Women who walk through time video!

Presentation tips [here].

Articles on women in science

Advice for women science students

Experience of a transgender scientist

What is "impostor syndrome"?

Earth Science Women's Network (ESWN)

Supporting Latinx scholars through academic ninos

Mothers in science: 64 ways to have it all

Stress management

Stress and staying organized

Time management and procrastination

Riley guide writing, resumes, etc.

The 5 pivotal paragraphs in a paper

AGI - introduction to professional geo writing


Dear students: why you should take geology

Info for ESS undergrads

ESS Scholarships & awards

Grad schools.com

Applying to grad school

"How to be a good grad student"

UW resources for English Language Learners

Do's and don't for prospective grad students

Grad students:

Info for ESS grad students

PhD Comics

Rejection letter

"So long and thanks for the PhD"

"How to be a good grad student"

Kate's "what you should get out of grad school"

Time management tips

The science of scientific writing

How to write a proposal [slides] [info here]

How to make a scientific poster [slides] [handout]

NSF GRF proposals

How to give an academic talk

UW CoEnv career opportunities

Funding for grad students & postdocs

NSF Graduate Fellowship

UW Program on Climate Change (PCC) Fellowship

UW Quaternary Research Center (QRC)

UW ESS Scholarships & Awards (apply yearly)

GSA student grants

UW Fellowships & Assistantships

Fulbright Scholar Program

NSF EAPSI fellowship

Humboldt postdoc fellowship

NSF postdoc fellowship

USGS Mendenhall postdoc fellowship

Funding for international sudents

Science's Next Wave

Funding - undergrads

UW Undergraduate Research Program  

ESS Scholarships & Awards

GEM Fellowships (minorities can apply as early as their Junior year for PhD funding)

NSF REU website

Opportunities at Various Universities


    University of Oklahoma

    Washington State University


    Colorado State


    California Institute of Technology

    U of Michigan Bological Station

    Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory

    University of Massachusetts/ ColoradoState/ University of Oklahoma

    DAAD German academic exchange (link)


   Student Opportunities

    National Weather Service student opportunities

    Hollings Scholarship


    GRO scholarship


    summer research program for undergraduates (SURE)

National Labs:


    Los Alamos

    Oak Ridge

    Pacific Northwest


    National Renewable Energy Lab


    Programs for college students

    Undergraduate Research Program (USRP)


    SOARS (Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science)

Professional Organizations:


Science Policy Internships

    (compilation of opportunities)

Study Abroad Programs:

    SIT Study Abroad


Here are some links, resources, files and ideas (including funding opportunities for students) to help you along your way, wherever your path may lead you. See Outreach and Teaching for more resources.

Please pass these along to others, and contact Kate if you have comments or resources you'd like to share!

(Sorry, I don't post links on behalf of companies or for-profit enducational entities, etc.)

Health & wellness

UW resources for students: If you’re having trouble outside of class, check out UW's student care gateway [here], stop by ESS Advising, and/or talk with Kate (JHN 353) today.

Stress management

Stress and staying organized


WONDERFUL video on The Art and Science of Reviewing Proposals that oulines all manner of bias and how to avoid it - relevant to everything from student recruitment and hiring to attending conference talks  https://tipsforreviewers.nsf.gov

American Geophysical Union Code of Conduct

Geological Society of America (GSA)

American Geophysical Union (AGU)

Geochemical Society (GS), Goldschmidt

Mineralogical Society of America (MSA)

Gilbert Club (all are invited) [link]

Clumped Isotope forum (iDeal)

NSF's PI guide to communicating science (link)

Attending conferences:

     Attending professional conferences can be a joy and a challenge of academic research.  One's first big conference can be a daunting experience, if one is not properly prepared and organized for the events to come.  How do you ... prepare posters or conference talks, prepare a conference itinerary, respond to the question of "tell me about your research," and do networking and small talk?

    - On networking

    - How to Work a Scientific Conference

    - Conference Tips

    - How to write a conference abstract for AGU

    - How to write a conference abstract for GSA

Info for aspiring/new professors

# Students & junior colleagues may contact Kate for sample cover letters, research & teaching statements, startup package lists, tenure package narrative, and successful proposals.

# Life can't wait until after tenure (Kate's notes from UW pre-tenure workshop)

# Peer mentoring is extremely effective

Preparing for an academic career in geoscience

# Requesting letters of recommendation

Rejection letter

Academic job interviews

The two-body problem1, Two-body 2

Negotiation (worksheet)

Negotiation UW ADVANCE (notes for women)

Running your lab

Nature guide for mentors

Pathways to success for traditionaly underrepresented & women PhD students

Go beyond bias training

Setting up a website with EverWeb

Advice on CAREER proposals [slides]

Reviewing papers (advice from editors)

Reviewing papers (Science mag)

Proposal reviews / NSF panels [rubric]

WONDERFUL video on The Art and Science of Reviewing Proposals that oulines all manner of bias and how to avoid it https://tipsforreviewers.nsf.gov

Advising research students:

- Expectations & info for new grad students

- Semi-annual activity report (student fills out report electronically, prof reads it, prof and student meet to discuss, prof takes notes and writes letter summarizing outcomes and action items from meeting, student asks questions/further discussion if needed, student approves letter, everyone is happy and successful!)

Running an effective faculty search committee

Best practices handbook for faculty search/hiring

For wherever the road ahead may lead