Associate Professor, Department of Earth & Space Sciences, University of Washington

Endowed Professor for the College of the Environment in Earth Systems










If you’re interested in applying to GRAD SCHOOL, I plan to recruit a new Ph.D. student for 2019-2020. Research area will depend on student interests and funding. Likely opportunities will be in the areas of (1) modern/Holocene soil carbonate formation processes, geochemistry and climate records, (2) fluid-fault interactions, clumped isotopes, and/or geothermal systems, or (3) Himalayan tectonics and erosion. To make sure your application is forwarded to me, please email me in December and/or list my name in your application. I am particularly interested in recruiting people of color and diverse backgrounds, women, and others who broaden participation in the sciences and bring diverse perspectives to our research team!

I am not recruiting research MS students, but I would be eager to work with a UW MESSAGe (Masters in ESS Applied Geosciences) student on an outburst flood modeling project. I would also be enthusiastic to be on your thesis committee if you come to UW to work with one of my colleagues, or collaborate with you and your advisor at a different institution.

If you are a POSTDOC and have funding or would like to write a proposal or fellowship application with me, I would be happy to talk with you about potential collaboration. I am particularly interested in developing projects involving detrital thermochronology to study tectonics and erosion, or stable isotopes and carbonate clumped-isotope thermometry to investigate the topographic and climatic evolution of uplifted regions, terrestrial paleo-environments and proxies, or fault-fluid interactions.


Increasing diversity and inclusivity in scientific professions is important to me. I strive to foster a challenging and supportive learning environment for all students, and seek to increase the participation and success of women and under-represented groups in the physical sciences. Visit RESOURCES for links to information on scholarships and resources for women, minorities, first-generation college students, and others. Please contact me if you have more resources to add. Our team is involved in a variety of educational outreach activities to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in science. Visit OUTREACH to learn more or get involved!