Associate Professor, Department of Earth & Space Sciences, University of Washington

Endowed Professor for the College of the Environment in Earth Systems










If you’re interested in applying to GRAD SCHOOL, I plan to recruit a new Ph.D. student for 2020-2021. Research area will depend on student interests and funding. Likely opportunities will be in the area of clumped isotope geochemistry, investigating soil carbonates as archives of terrestrial environmental information and using them to reconstruct paleoelevation and paleoclimate. To make sure your application is forwarded to me, please email me in December and/or list my name in your application. I am particularly interested in recruiting people of color and diverse backgrounds, women, and others who broaden participation in the sciences and bring diverse perspectives to our research team!

I am not recruiting research MS students, but I would be eager to work with a UW MESSAGe (Masters in ESS Applied Geosciences) student on an outburst flood numerical modeling project. I would also be enthusiastic to be on your thesis committee if you come to UW to work with one of my colleagues, or collaborate with you and your advisor at a different institution.

If you are a POSTDOC and have funding or would like to write a proposal or fellowship application with me, I would be happy to talk with you about potential collaboration. I am particularly interested in developing projects involving detrital thermochronology to study tectonics and erosion, or stable isotopes and carbonate clumped-isotope thermometry to investigate the topographic and climatic evolution of uplifted regions, terrestrial paleo-environments and proxies, or fault-fluid interactions.

If you are a foreigner who wishes to visit UW to work with me, the university has a variety of procedures. If you are a STUDENT, you must go through the VISIT program, pass either the TOEFL iBT (score of 76) or the IELTS (score of 6.0), complete the finance worksheet from a VISIT J-visa request form, and apply at least 12 weeks in advance. Students should plan to start on the first day of a term if possible, and stay for 3 or 6 months. If you are NOT a student, and you have a PhD, and you DO NOT have a professorial position (i.e., you are a postdoc or some other research-type position), you must come as a "Visiting Scientist," which has a financial requirement. If you are NOT a student, and you have a PhD, AND you have a "professorial" position, you can be a "Visiting Scholar" and the process is easy. (More info on Timeline for VISIT program, as of 10/2018)

Diversity & Inclusion

Increasing diversity and inclusivity in scientific professions is important to me. I strive to foster a challenging and supportive learning environment for all students, and seek to increase the participation and success of women and  historically under-represented groups in the physical sciences. Visit RESOURCES for links to information on scholarships and resources for women, minorities, first-generation college students, and others. Please contact me if you have more resources to add. Our team is involved in a variety of educational outreach activities to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in science. Visit OUTREACH to learn more or get involved!