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Kollman Lab


Justin Kollman, assistant professor.

Justin received his PhD in Biology from UC San Diego in 2005, where he worked on crystal and cryo-EM structures of blood clotting proteins in the lab Prof. Russell Doolittle.  In his postdoctoral work at UC San Francisco with Prof. David Agard he determined the structures of microtubule nucleating complexes using cryo-EM.  He started his lab in the Dept. of Anatomy & Cell BIology at McGill University in 2012, then moved the lab to the Biochemistry Department at the University of Washington in 2014.

Eric Lynch, postdoc.

Eric completed his PhD at the University of Edinburgh in 2013, where he investigated the molecular mechanisms of microtubule nucleation and organization in the laboratory of Ken Sawin. In the Kollman lab, Eric is studying the polymerizing enzyme CTP synthase. Eric is particularly interested in studying the structure and regulation of human CTP synthase filaments.

Gulsima Usluer, PhD student in waiting.

Gulsi received her BSc in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Istanbul Technical University in Turkey, and is a TUBITAK graduate fellow.  As a member of Kollman Lab, she is working on plasĀ­mid segregation by bacterial actin AlfA. She spends her free time in kitchen to create new recipes and uses her family and friends as her subjects to test those recipes.  She is currently rotating through other labs, but will return to us in the spring of 2015.

Anika Burrell, research assistant.

Anika received her BA in Chemistry from Pomona College. Currently she utilizes her organizational skills and protein purification experience to keep the Kollman lab at the top of its game. Anika is well versed in the arts of traveling, cookie decorating, and bouldering and dabbles in long distance running and finding a seat on the bus. She knows how silly writing a third-person bio of herself can be.


Annie Dosey, research assistant.

Annie completed her BS in Biochemistry at the University of Michigan. She then stayed at UM to work in the Skiniotis lab, focusing mostly on electron microscopy techniques to characterize small protein structure. She is now working towards at master's degree in Biotechnology, while working part time in the Kollman lab. In her free time, Annie enjoys volleyball, yoga, and cooking.

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