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Group Photo, July, 2014

Rui Liu, Eric Lynch, Gulsi Usluer, Emeric Charles, Ryan Noh, Justin Kollman, Sky Yang, Jesse Hansen, Nancy Hom

Group Photo, July, 2014

Justin Kollman, Sky Yang, Ryan Noh, Rui Liu, Jesse Hansen, Emeric Charles, Nancy Hom, Gulsi Usluer, Eric Lynch

Group Photo, July, 2013

Jelani Clarke, Justin Kollman, Jesse Hansen, Matthew Shepherd, Alyona Khomutovskaya, Emeric Charles, Nancy Hom

Playing with fire, July, 2013

Nancy Hom and Avital Horowitz light enormous sparklers in the lab.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  Let's hope EH&S doesn't shut us down for this one.

Departmental Retreat, July, 2013

Craig Mandato, Emeric Charles, and Justin Kollman at Emeric's poster.

Honorary lab member Avital Horowitz at her poster.  Avital and Emeric tied for third place!

Nancy Hom and Justin Kollman at Nancy's poster, which won 2nd place!

Honorary lab member Jason Lapointe at his non-prize winning but spectacularly round poster.

Jesse Hansen and Jelani Clarke (left) compete in some kind of soccer/baseball hybrid.

Alyona's awesome picture of the weird-colored bonfire, just before it started to rain.

LabCrawl, May 2013

Emeric Charles, Nancy Hom, Justin Kollman, Jelani Clarke, Jesse Hansen

Mandato/Kollman Lab Space Re-opening Ceremony, March 2013

Herr Doktor Professor Chair Craig Mandato cutting the ribbon

Check out the video of Nancy pretending to be excited

Lab Brew Day, December 2012

Honorary lab member Beth Lawrence carefully monitors the sparging.

Check out the video of the resulting brew fermenting.

LabCrawl, November 2012

Sunitha Chari, Isabelle Rouiller, Nancy Hom, Justin Kollman

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