Kollman Lab


Kollman Lab


The UW Biochemistry Cryo-EM Center Equipment


Electron MIcroscopes

     FEI Tecnai G2 F20 200 kV Cryo-S/TEM

     Gatan K-2 Summit Direct Detect Camera System


     FEI Tecnai G2 Spirit 120 kV TEM

     Gatan Ultrascan 4000 4k x 4k CCD Camera System


     FEI Morgagni 100 kV TEM

     Gatan Orius Camera


Accessory equipment

  • Vitrobot cryo-plunge vitrification device
  • 2 Gatan model 626 side-entry cryo-holders
  • carbon evaporator
  • glow discharge unit


Computational Infrastructure

     We use Leginon for automated data collection and the Appion pipeline for processing


     Users can access Leginon and Appion through the emweb server.


     The EM suite is wired with 10 gb connectivity to our EM cluster and the HYAK cluster:

  • 328 processor cpu cluster (72 local and 256 on HYAK)
  • 2 gpu processors
  • 360 TB RAID storage



a very happy loading station for a Gatan 626 cryoholder

Microscope reservations are made through FACES


Contact Justin if you need an account.

1959 NE Pacific Street Box 357350

Seattle, WA 98195