Yong-Pin Zhou


Research Interests

  • Service Operations Management (call centers, quality-related issues, etc.)
  • Supply Chain Management (supply chain design, cross-docking, etc.)
  • Operations/Marketing interface issues (inventory, pricing, etc.)
  • Operations/IT interface issues (capacity, incentive, etc.)
  • Stochastic Models, Queueing Applications, Markov Decision Processes
  • Human Resource Issues in Operations (turnover, learning)


  • “Call to Duty: Just-in-Time Scheduling in a Restaurant Chain.” M. Kamalahmadi, Q. Yu, and Y.-P. Zhou. Management Science, forthcoming, 2020.
  • “Impact of Supply Chain Transparency on Sustainability under NGO Scrutiny.” S. Chen, Q. Wang, and Y.-P. Zhou. Production and Operations Management, 28(12), 2019.
  • “Impact of Queue Configuration on Service Time: Evidence from a Supermarket.” J. Wang, Y.-P. Zhou. Management Science, 64(7), 2018.
  • “To Preannounce or Not: New Product Development in a Competitive Duopoly Market.” T. Klastorin, H. Mamani, Y.-P. Zhou. Production and Operations Management, 25(12), 2051-2064, 2016.
  • “Parametric Forecasting and Stochastic Programming Models for Call-Center Workforce Scheduling.” N. Gans, H. Shen, Y.-P. Zhou, N. Korolev, A. McCord, H. Ristock. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 17 (4), 571-588, 2015. (paper)
  • “How does customer self-construal moderate CRM value creation chain?” J. Qi, Q. Qu, Y.-P. Zhou. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 13 (5), 295–304, 2014.
  •  “A Single-Supplier, Multiple-Retailer Model with Single-Season, Multiple-Ordering Opportunities and Fixed Ordering Cost.” A. Jain, K. Moinzadeh, Y.-P. Zhou. Operations Research, 60(5), September/October 2012. Paper
  • “Are customer satisfaction and customer loyalty drivers of customer lifetime value in mobile data services: a comparative cross-country study”, J. Qi, Y.-P. Zhou, W. Chen, Q. Qu. Information Technology and Management, 13 (4), 281-296, 2012.
  • “Routing to Manage Resolution and Waiting Time in Call Centers with Heterogeneous Servers.” V. Mehrotra, K. Ross, G. Ryder, Y.-P. Zhou. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 14(1), Winter 2012. Paper
  • “Service Outsourcing.” J. Ren, Y.-P. Zhou. Book chapter in the Wiley Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science. Paper.
  • “Strategic Consumer Response to Dynamic Pricing of Perishable Products.” M. Cho, M. Fan, Y.-P. Zhou. Chapter 17 of “Consumer-Driven Demand and Operations Management Models: A Systematic Study of Information-Technology-Enabled Sales Mechanisms”, Netessine and Tang (Eds.), Springer. June, 2009. Paper.
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  • "Coordinated Replenishment and Shipping Strategies in Inventory/Distribution Systems." M. Gurbuz, K. Moinzadeh, Y.-P. Zhou. Management Science at Management Science, 53(2), February 2007.
  • "Incorporating Satisfaction into Customer Value Analysis: Optimal Investment in Life-Time Value." T. Ho, Y.-H. Park, Y.-P. Zhou.  Marketing Science, 25(3), May-June 2006. Abstract. (This is a regular paper, see Marketing Science, 25(5).)
  • "On the Incomplete Results for the Heterogeneous Server Problem." F. de Véricourt, Y.-P. Zhou. Queueing Systems, 52(3), March 2006. Abstract. A longer, earlier version of the paper is entitled "On the Incomplete Results for the Multi-Server Slow-Server Problem".
  • "A Routing Problem for Call Centers with Customer Callbacks after Service Failure." F. de Véricourt, Y.-P. Zhou. Operations Research, 53(6), Nov-Dec 2005. Paper. A more comprehensive working paper version.
  • "A Call-Routing Problem with Service-Level Constraints." N. Gans, Y.-P. Zhou. Operations Research, 51(2) Mar-Apr, 2003. Paper.
  • "Managing Learning and Turnover in Employee Staffing." N. Gans, Y.-P. Zhou. Operations Research, 50(6) Nov-Dec, 2002. Paper.

Working Papers

  • “Delay Information in Virtual Queues: A Large-Scale Field Experiment on a Ride-Sharing Platform.” Q. Yu, Y. Zhang, and Y.-P. Zhou.
  • “Pooling Servers for Customer-Intensive Services: Theory and Experimental Evidence.” L. Yang, S. Cui, S. Ulku, Z. Wang, and Y.-P. Zhou.
  • “Two Queues or One Queue: Service Strategy and Pricing Based on Loss Aversion.” J. Liu, Y.-P. Zhou, and J. Chen.
  • “Customer Segmentation and Fairness: A Queueing Perspective.” J. Liu, Y.-P. Zhou.
  • “Store Fulfillment Strategies for an Omni-Channel Retailer.” E. Alishah, K. Moinzadeh, and Y.-P. Zhou.

·       “Analysis of a Two-Stage Service Process: Coordination of Staffing and Effort.” A. Farzan, Y.-P. Zhou.

·       “Setting Quality and Speed in Service Industry with Repeated Customers.” A. Farzan, H. Wang, and Y.-P. Zhou.

·       “A Single-Server Queue with Markov Modulated Service Times.” N. Gans, Y.-P. Zhou.

Research In Progress

·   “Managing a Product Portfolio through a Combination of Make-to-Stock and Make-to-Order Production and Incentives,” with Y. Li and M. Shunko.

·   “On The Granularity Of Delay Information: A Large Scale Field Experiment On A Ride-sharing Platform,” with Q. Yu and Y. Zhang.

·   “Truthful Incentives Redistributing Of Empty-trailer Using Regret Minimization Under Budget Constraint,” with E. Nategh.

·   “Incorporating Customer Acquisition in Customer Lifetime Value Analysis,” with A. Farzan.

·   “Salesforce Competition with Resource Limitation,” with E. Alishah and H. Mamani.

·   “Aligning Incentives in Omni-Channel Sale,” with E. Alishah and J. Wang.

·   “Incorporating Customer Response In An Online-to-offline Fulfillment Strategy,” with E. Alishah.

·   “Asymptotic Stability of AR(1)-Driven Workforce Scheduling Models,” with N. Gans, H. Shen, and H. Ye.

Honors, Awards, and Funding

·       PI, General Research Fund (GRF), Hong Kong Research Grant Council (RGC), 2013-2015. Title: "Models and Analysis of Dual-Channel Supply Chain Strategies"

·       Project co-leader, National Natural Science Foundation of China (Project No. 71171023), Jan. 2011 – Dec. 2014. Title: "Customer Lifetime Value Modeling and Marketing Strategy in Semi-contract Setting"

·       Project co-leader, Cooperation research foundation NSFC-NSF of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Project No. 70911120262), Sep. 2009 – Dec. 2009. Title: “The impact of culture variable on CLV: the comparative research between USA and China”

·       PI, Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award, National Science Foundation, 2007-2012. Title: “Service Quality and Its Operational Impacts”

·       Summer Fellowship, The Global Business Center, University of Washington, (2003-05, 2007)

·       Summer Research Fund, The Business School, University of Washington, (2003-Present)


·       Second Place, INFORMS Behavioral Operations Management Section Best Working Paper Award, 2016

      “Impact of Queue Configuration on Service Time: Evidence from a Supermarket”

·       Global Executive MBA Teaching Award, Foster School of Business, University of Washington, Seattle, 2015, 2016

·       Meritorious Service AwardM&SOM Journal, 2008, 2014

·       Meritorious Service AwardManagement Science Journal, 2013

·       Selected as Boeing Welliver Faculty Fellow, Summer 2009

·       Dean’s Faculty Research Award for 2006, Business School, University of Washington

·       Second Place, INFORMS JFIG (Junior Faculty Interest Group) Paper Competition, 2006

“Call Center Outsourcing: Coordinating Staffing Level and Service Quality”

·       Dean’s Junior Faculty Research Award for 2005, Business School, University of Washington

·       Finalist, INFORMS George Nicholson Student Paper Competition, April 1999

·       Sloan Research Fellow, Wharton Financial Institutions Center, Summer 1997 - August 2000


If you have any requests or suggestions, please email Yong-Pin Zhou.