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Moths In Love

This parody (written by Greg Crowther) is sung to the tune of "Modern Love" (written and performed by David Bowie).


This song is about moth pheromones. Female silkworm moths (Bombyx mori) secrete a pheromone known as bombykol in order to attract males. When the male moths sense the pheromone, they flap their wings excitedly and follow the aroma upwind in an effort to locate prospective mates, which may be as far as several miles away.

Since moths are insects, they have not one but several heart-like pumps with which to propel their blood-like transport fluid (hemolymph).


My baby's gone away; I don't know where she went.
She pocketed my cash, and she left nothing...
But a scent, just a scent.

She got this new perfume from a chemist down the hall,
And when she's in the mood, she just puts on some...
Bombykol, bombykol.

I've gotta go find her.

(Moths in love) Use olfaction
(Moths in love) To get some action
(Moths in love) I'm too old-fashioned for this stuff.
(Modern drugs) Not recreational;
(Modern drugs) They're procreational.
(Modern drugs) She's put her trust in modern drugs.
(Modern love) No awkward dating,
(Modern love) Just instant mating.
(Modern love) I don't believe in modern love.

She said she'll wait for me, and yet it's plain to smell
That the odor in the wind will guide the others to her...
Just as well, just as well.

My hearts are breaking.



Moths in love, moths in love,
Moths in love, moths in love.
[repeat and fade]