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Science song links

Below are links to other science song-related pages and sites. (Last update: March 14, 2011.) The most comprehensive of these are SingAboutScience.org and PhysicsSongs.org; most of the other links highlight content (song lyrics, pedagogical info, etc.) that is not available through either SingAboutScience.org or PhysicsSongs.org.

Please choose from among the following categories. (Or, if you're indecisive, just start scrolling down the page....)

Astronomy * Biochemistry * Biology * Chemistry * Computers * Geology * Mathematics * Medicine * Physics * General


An encyclopedic compilation of astronomy and physics songs. (Who knew there were so many?) Maintained by Walter Smith, a physics professor at Haverford College in Pennsylvania.


Biochemist's Songbook
Excerpts from The Biochemist's Songbook by Harold Baum, professor emeritus at King's College London (UK).

Kevin Ahern's Wildly Popular Metabolic Melodies
These tunes have alternating sections to be sung by the instructor and his/her students, respectively. Written by Dr. Ahern, a biochemistry instructor at Oregon State University.


Biology Karaoke
Delightfully cheesy synthesizer music accompanies you while you sing the lyrics provided. Maintained by Frank Virzi, a biology teacher at North Middlesex Regional High School in Townsend, Massachusetts.

Brain Songs
"I've Been Working On My Neurons," "Use, Use, Use Your Brain," "Home In The Brain".... Maintained by Dr. Eric Chudler of the University of Washington.

Science Karaoke
Song parodies about bacteria, mitosis, photosynthesis, etc. Written by Dr. Annette Parrott, a biology teacher at Lakeside High School in Atlanta.

The SDS-Page On Stage
Highlights of past "MCB Follies" performances in Berkeley, California, including "Fight For Your Right To Petri" by the Yeasti Boys.

Songs For Environmental Education
Can you strum a guitar and hug a tree at the same time? This site says yes! Maintained by Remy Rodden, an environmental educator in Yukon, Canada.


Bucknell Chemistry Songs
"Magnesium The Beautiful," "Glory, Glory, It's Wolff-Kischner," and other standards. From Bucknell College in Pennsylvania.

Chemistry Carols & Other Chemistry Songs
"I'm Dreaming Of A White Precipitate," "We Wish You A Happy Halogen," and other Yuletide favorites. Maintained by Dr. Slime (Mike Garlick), a chemist at Delta College in Michigan.

Musical Chemistry
"Proving art and science don't mix since 1999." Maintained by Aimee Hartnell Murphy, who teaches chemistry at Rye St Antony School in Oxford (UK).

Songs of Cesium
30+ songs about everyone's favorite alkali metal, including "Hey! Mr. Cesium Man," "Seventy-Six Neutrons," "Hotel Cesium," "'Lectropositive Mama," "Cesiumville," "Maxwell's Sky-Blue Cesium".... Maintained by Dr. Randal Nelson, a computer science professor at the University of Rochester in New York.


Computer Songs and Poems
Over 200 songs, most of which seem to be about the difficulties of programming. Maintained by a UK person who goes by the nickname of "Poppy."

Holiday Songs for Computer Scientists
Hark! the computer scientists sing.... Maintained by computer science professor Gary Leavens of Iowa State University.


Soil Songs
"Some Think That Soil Is Dirt," "Where Have All The Bedrocks Gone?", and many more. Written by the late Francis Hole, formerly a professor of soil science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Songs of Geology
A great source of geo-jargon. Learn (or at least read) words like "graptolites," rhabdosomes," "olistostromes," and "geosyncline." Maintained by geochemist Brenna Lorenz.


Mathematics-Related Songs
"The Mathematician's Drinking Song" is an anecodotal history of the field of mathematics, and, as such, may be difficult to get through in one sitting unless you're sipping a beer. Maintained by Jeff Suzuki, a math Ph.D. student at Boston University.

Pi Day
Songs to be sung on Pi Day (the 14th of March, i.e., 3-14) or whenever the mood strikes you. Written by LaVern Christianson when he taught math at Windom Area High School in Windom, Minnesota.


Respiratory therapy patients will wheeze with amusement at this collection of sputum-related songs. Written by Dave Howard and Greg Wray, who are respiratory care practicioners in Michigan.


An encyclopedic compilation of astronomy and physics songs. (Who knew there were so many?) Maintained by Walter Smith, a physics professor at Haverford College in Pennsylvania.


Dr. Chordate Sings!
A comprehensive site devoted to the use of music and humor in the science classroom. Maintained by Jeff Moran, a.k.a. "Dr. Chordate."

Librettos for Ig Nobel Mini-Operas
Modern lyrics (about cloning, jargon, the Big Bang, etc.) set to very old music. Written by Marc Abrahams, editor of the Annals of Improbable Research.

An all-science songs Internet radio station. Requires a connection speed of at least 64 kilobits per second. Maintained (sporadically at best) by me.

Music Learning Games for Kids
Not science songs per se, but lots of musical games and activities, most aimed at 5- to 10-year olds.

Science Groove
A Seattle band led by my friend Do Peterson, a biostatistician. No longer active as a group, but the free full-length MP3s live on!

Science Songwriters' Association
A small nationwide group devoted to the use of music in science education. Its website has not been updated in quite a while.

Sing About Science & Math
Includes my database of over 3800 science and math songs (formerly known as MASSIVE: Math And Science Song Information, Viewable Everywhere)as well as the Sing About Science blog and other goodies.

Sing-along Science
Another British MIDI/karaoke science songs site! (See also "Musical Chemistry" above.) Maintained by C. Downey of St. Edward's School (UK).

Singing Science
A free download of elementary school science songs set to familiar tunes, written by teacher Ingrid Sherwood.

Songs for Teaching
A commercial site offering lyrics and music samples from a wide variety of artists.