Team Midshipman
Current Members Honorary Members and Collaborators


Elvis (Honorary Lab Member)

Joseph Sisneros (Principal Investigator)
Neuroethology of acoustic communication in fishes.

Richard Fay (Senior Scientist)
Marine Biological Laboratory
Hearing in fishes

Ashwin Bhandiwad (Graduate Student)

Fish bioacoustics and hearing in fishes


Robert Mohr (Graduate Student)

Functional mapping of brain activation patterns in response to simple and complex acoustic signals.

Last updated 6-23-14
Paul Forlano (Assistant Professor)
City University of New York, Brooklyn College
Mechanisms underlying steroid-induced neural plasticity
and sex differences in brain and behavior
Yiran (Ivy) Chang (Undergraduate Student)

David Zeddies (Senior Scientist)
JASCO Applied Sciences
Sound source localization by fishes

Elizabeth Whitchurch (Visiting Assistant Professor)
Humboldt State University
Auditory saccular sensitivity of type II male plainfin midshipman fish
Swim bladder sexual dimorphism in the plainfin midshipman fish

Lab Alumni

Peter Alderks (Ph.D.)
Ontogenetic plasticity of auditory senstivity in the plainfin midshipman fish.

Raquel Vasconcelos (Assistant Professor)
University of St. Joseph (Macau)

Neuroethology of acoustic communication in the Lusitanian toadfish (Halobatrachus didactylus)

Christina Jarvis (Undergraduate Student)
Early growth and development of fishes

Allison Coffin (Assistant Professor)
Washington State University Vancouver
Development and morphology of the inner ear of fishes

Meagan Wong (Undergraduate Student)
Metabolic costs of vocal production in the plainfin midshipman fish.

Andrew Brown (Postdoc, University of Colorado Denver)
Spatial hearing in humans; morphological and behavioral studies of the lateral line system in teleost fishes.

Andrew Acob (Undergraduate Student)

Currently in medical school at UW

William Palmer (High School student, Bellarmine College Prep)
Preparing for Undergraduate studies in Biological Sciences

Kiel Shaub (PostGraduate Student)
Currently in a PhD program at UCLA

Brian Sniffen (Undergraduate Student)
Gonzaga University School of Law
Currently an associate attorney at Miller Nash LLP (environmental law)