Sisneros Laboratory
408 Guthrie Hall
Seattle, WA 98195-1525

Lab News

Jan 2016 - Postdoc Orphal Colleye joins the lab. Welcome Orphal!

Nov 2015 - The book Fish Hearing and Bioacoustics:
an anthology in honor of
Arthur N. Popper and Richard R. Fay
is out now!

August 2015 - Our proposal 'Mechanisms of Sound Source Localization Underlying an Ancestral Mode of Vertebrate Hearing' was recently funded by the National Science Foundation. This research is in collaboration with Paul Forlano's Lab at CUNY Brooklyn College.


The Sisneros Lab studies the adaptive plasticity of sensory systems for the encoding of behaviorally relevant social signals used during communication.

We use fish as model systems to investigate ontogenetic and steroid-dependent seasonal changes in the response properties and function of the auditory system.

We are also interested in sound source localization and how fishes detect and locate underwater sound sources in both relatively simple and complex acoustic environments.

Last updated 1-25-2016