Brooke Vetter
Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Washington
Department of Psychology
408 Guthrie Hall
Seattle, WA 98195



Last updated 10-24-17

Brooke graduated from St. Catherine University in St. Paul, MN in 2008 with a B.A. in Biology. She worked for three years as an analytical chemist at General Mills in Minneapolis, MN before starting graduate school at the University of Minnesota. Brooke worked with Dr. Allen Mensinger on the Duluth, MN campus studying the behavior and bioacoustics of invasive fish species, particularly silver and bighead carp, and received her PhD in 2016. Following her PhD work, Brooke was hired as a postdoctoral research contractor with the USGS and continued to study the sensory physiology of silver and bighead carp. In February 2017, she received an NIH Auditory Neuroscience Training Grant from UW and joined the Sisneros lab in June 2017.

Brooke is interested in studying the behavioral and neural mechanisms of audition. Particularly, she has been investigating the neural circuitry involved in vocal-acoustic behavior in reproductive and non-reproductive plainfin midshipman fish. In addition, she has also been studying midshipman hearing by recording evoked potentials from the inner ear.