Nick Lozier
University of Washington
Department of Psychology
316 Guthrie Hall
Seattle, WA 98195

Nick graduated with a B.S. in Biological Sciences from Ohio University in 2013. As an undergraduate he assisted in multiple projects in the lab of Dr. John Kopchick who uses several genetically manipulated mouse models of growth hormone disorders to research the role of growth hormone in obesity, diabetes, and aging. Following graduation, Nick continued researching at Ohio University for an additional two years as a research assistant in the Department of Biomedical Sciences working in the lab of Dr. Sonsoles de Lacalle. His primary aim in the de Lacalle lab was determining the utility for pharmacological inhibition of myostatin (a muscle growth inhibitor) for treating muscle wasting diseases using a myostatin knockout mouse model. Nick joined the Sisneros lab at the University of Washington in September 2015.

Last updated 12-14-16

Nick is primarily interested in the molecular mechanisms underlying reproductive-state dependent plasticity of the audtiory system in the plainfin midshipman fish. Specifically, he is interested in determining the molecular mechanisms of gonadal steroids on saccular hair cell density in the midshipman using molecular biology and immunostaining techniques. In addition, Nick is also interested in studying auditory evoked behaviors in juvenile midshipman as an anti-predation avoidance mechanism.