Instructor: Prof. Nathan J. Sniadecki
Location: Loew 101
Time: 2:30-3:20pm MWF



Session Topic Slides Handouts
1 Functions of Life PDF Notes
2 Information Handling and the Genetic Code PDF Notes
3 DNA to RNA PDF Notes
4 Cells PDF Notes
5a Protein Form PDF Notes
5b Protein Function PDF Notes
6 Lab 1 - Protein Structure none Lab
7 Decoding DNA PDF Notes
8 Deconding Proteins PDF Notes
9 Immunology PDF Notes
10 Lab 2 - Lab-on-Chip PDF Lab, Instructions
11 Micro and Nano Fabrication PDF Notes
12 Cell-Cell Interactions PDF Notes
13a Cell Signaling PDF Notes
13b Cell Signaling PDF Notes
14 Cellular Energetics PDF Notes
15 Cell Movement PDF Notes
16 Integrating Cells into Tissues PDF Notes
17 Muscles Cells to Tissues PDF Notes
18 Lab 3 - Muscle Biomechanics none Lab, Instructions: Isometric, Isotonic
19 Connective Tissues PDF Notes
20a Musculoskeletal System PDF Notes
20b Musculoskeletal System PDF Notes
21 Cardiovascular System PDF Notes
22 Engineering Applications - Tissue Replacement PDF Notes
23 Medical Applications - Tissue Engineering PDF Notes
24 Wrap-up - The Big Picture PDF Notes



Project - ME511 only