Vol. 1: Abstracts from the 2005 Syndromic Surveillance Conference

Table of Contents

Empirical/Asymptotic P-Values for Monte Carlo-Based Hypothesis Testing: An Application to Cluster Detection Using the Scan Statistic
Allyson M. Abrams, Martin Kulldorff, Ken Kleinman
The SAS/SaTScan Macro Accessory for Cartography (SMAC) Package
Allyson M. Abrams, Ken Kleinman
Modeling Clinician Detection Time of a Disease Outbreak Due to Inhalational Anthrax
Christina Adamou, Gregory F. Cooper, Weng-Keen Wong, John N. Dowling, William R. Hogan
An Emergency Department Based Syndromic Surveillance System for Meningitis and Encephalitis, Maricopa County, AZ 2004
Nelson Arboleda, Aaron T. Fleischauer, Jim Sejvar, Alisa Diggs, Mare Schumacher, Sarah Santana, David Engelthaler, Ken Komatsu, Seyra Hughes, Greg Jones, Lori Hutwagner
Syndromic Surveillance Signal Investigation in Los Angeles County
Jennifer Belden, Patricia Araki, Curtis Croker, Akbar Sharip, Rita Velikina, Bessie Hwang, Moon Kim, Raymond Aller
Radiographic Surveillance in Children: A System for Monitoring Epidemics Associated with Prominent Respiratory Symptoms
Bema Bonsu, Namhee Kim, Soledad Fernandez, Marvin Harper
Visualizing and Monitoring Data in BioSense Using SaTScan
Colleen A. Bradley
Traveling Epidemic Waves in Biosurveillance Data: Identifying Early Hotspots of Respiratory Illness
John S. Brownstein, Ben Y. Reis, Kenneth D. Mandl
Novel Surveillance Tool Enables Public Health Use of Poison Control Calls
Marcel J. Casavant
A Novel, Context-Sensitive Approach to Anonymizing Spatial Surveillance Data: Impact on Outbreak Detection
Christopher A. Cassa, Shaun J. Grannis, J. Marc Overhage, Kenneth D. Mandl
ICD9 as a Surrogate for Chart Review in the Validation of a Chief Complaint Syndromic Surveillance System
Hwa-Gan Chang, Dennis G. Cochrane, Boldtsetseg Tserenpuntsag, John R. Allegra, Perry F. Smith
Monitoring Febrile Syndromes from Chief Complaints: Is the Information There?
Wendy W. Chapman, John M. Dowling
The Application of Enhanced Signal Analyses to Medicaid Data
Jian-Hua Chen, Kathryn J. Schmit, Kathleen K. Thoburn
The Role of National Retail Data Monitor (NRDM) in Gastrointestinal Illness Outbreak Investigation, Washoe County, Nevada
Lei Chen
The Development of Virtual Data for Syndromic Surveillance Exercises
Jacqueline S. Coberly, Sean P. Murphy, Steven M. Babin, Howard Burkom, Brian Feighner, Jeffrey Lin, Joseph Lombardo
Georgia's Strategy for Targeting Syndromic Surveillance
Susan T. Cookson, James W. Buehler, Susan E. Lance
Modelling the Contribution of Infectious Pathogens to the Seasonality of Syndromic Data
Duncan L. Cooper, Gillian E. Smith, W. John Edmunds, C. Joseph, Ewan Gerard
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Using Syndromic Surveillance to Identify a Neuro-Invasive Disease Outbreak in Los Angeles County
Curtis Croker, Akbar Sharip, Ferlie Villacorte, Mike Tormey, Moon Kim, Bessie Hwang, Rachel Civen, Raymond Aller
Evaluation of Preprocessing Techniques for Chief Complaint Classification
Jagan Dara, Wendy W. Chapman
Detection of Walkerton Gastroenteritis Outbreak Using Syndromic Surveillance of Emergency Room Records
Richard F. Davies for the ECADS Partners and Collaborators
Sensitivity and Specificity of ICD-9 Based Syndromic Surveillance System in a Rural Emergency Department, Michigan 2004
Kristin K. Dunlap, Mark L. Wilson
Benchmarking Temporal Surveillance Techniques
James Dunyak, Mojdeh Mohtashemi, Martin Kulldorff
Temporal-Spatial Surveillance Techniques from Non-Homogenous Random Geometric Graphs
James Dunyak, Mojdeh Mohtashemi, Kenneth Mandl
Geographic Categorization Methods Used in BioSense
Roseanne English, Paul C. McMurray, Leslie Z. Sokolow, Henry Rolka, David Walker, John F. Quinn III, Kenneth L. Cox
A Case Manager Tool for Anomaly Investigation in BioSurveillance
Colin Goodall, Guy Jacobson, Arnold Lent, Sam Parker, Simon Tse, John Allegra, Dennis Cochrane, Eileen Koski, Patrick Tellez
Visualization of Syndromic Surveillance Using GIS
Christopher Goranson, Kevin Konty, Jingsong Lu, Farzad Mostashari
Using Open-Source Grid-Computing Technology to Improve Processing Time for Geospatial Syndromic Surveillance Data
Shaun Grannis, Karen Olson, James Egg, J. Marc Overhage
Do Women Really Complain More than Men? Looking at Gastrointestinal Chief Complaints in Boston
Julia Gunn, Justin Pendarvis, Amy Kirkwood Smith, M. Anita Barry
Syndromic Surveillance and Zip Code Data: The Role of Zip Codes in Understanding Populations
Julia Gunn, Justin Pendarvis, M. Anita Barry
The NGram CC Classifier: A Novel Method of Automatically Creating CC Classifiers Based on ICD9 Groupings
Sylvia Halasz, Philip Brown, Colin Goodall, Dennis G. Cochrane, John R. Allegra
BioSense Sentinel Alert Experience: New Jersey, November, 2004
Teresa Hamby, Colleen Bradley, Carol Ann Genese, Christina Tan, Eddy Bresnitz
Evaluation of Pilot Hospitals Participating in the Indiana Public Health Emergency Surveillance System (PHESS)
Elizabeth Hibler
Enhancing Community Connectivity for Infectious Disease Surveillance in Child Care Centres in Hong Kong
Fanny Ho, Arnold Fang, Teresa Li, Teresa Choi
Triage Note in Emergency Department-Based Syndromic Surveillance
Amy I. Ising, Debbie A. Travers, Jennifer MacFarquhar, Aaron Kipp, Anna E. Waller
Systematic Comparison of Algorithms Used in Syndromic Surveillance
Mike Jackson, Atar Baer, Ian Painter, Jeff Duchin
The Cost of Obfuscation When Reporting Locations of Cases in Syndromic Surveillance Systems
Caroline Jeffery, Al Ozonoff, Laura Forsberg, Miriam Nuño, Marcello Pagano
Syndromic Surveillance, The First French Experience
Loic Josseran, Isabelle Gailhard, B. Eboumbou, Gilles Brucker
Syndromic Surveillance Information Collection - Geocodes for Urban to Rural Mixed Environments: SSIC-Geo
Bryant T. Karras, David Bliss, Scott Horn, Hilary Metcalf, Steve Wagner, Bill Lober, Scott Lindquist
Evaluating Outbreak-Detection Methods Using Simulations: Volume Under the Time-ROC Surface
Ken Kleinman, Allyson Abrams
Using Age as Space: Looking for Citywide Age Clusters of Influenza
Kevin Konty, Don Olson, Farzad Mostashari
Exploring the Role of Quest Diagnostics Corporate Data Warehouse for Timely Influenza Surveillance
Eileen Koski, Kathryn S. Teates, Patrick Tellez, Jake Geller, Peter Heseltine, Robert W. Pinner
Components of Inter-Hospital Variability in Chief Complaints Assigned to a Gastrointestinal Syndrome
Robert Levy, Dennis G. Cochrane, Jonathan Rothman, John R. Allegra
Essential Requirements for Effective Advanced Disease Surveillance
Joseph S. Lombardo, Howard S. Burkom, Kathy Hurt-Mullen, Jacqueline Coberly, Sheryl L. Happel Lewis, Richard Wojcik, Wayne Loschen
Could Outpatient Visits Enhance Our Ability of Early Detecting Influenza-Like Illness Outbreaks?
Jinsong Lu, Kevin Konty, Farzad Mostashari, Kristi Metzger
Surveillance of West Nile Virus Activity Using Biosense Laboratory Test Order Data
Haobo Ma, Jerome I. Tokars, Roseanne English, Theresa L. Smith, Colleen Bradley, Leslie Sokolow, Henry Rolka
Evolution of a Syndromic Surveillance Case Definition
Jennifer MacFarquhar, Emily Sickbert-Bennett, Anna Waller, Debbie Travers, Matthew Scholer, Megan Davies
An Enterprise Information Integration (EII) Approach for a Syndromic Surveillance System
Uma B. Marques, Tony Barbagallo, Kevin Vigilante
An Enterprise Information Integration (EII) Approach for a Syndromic Surveillance System
Uma B. Marques, Sue Skidmore, Tony Barbagallo
Too Many Signals? Frequency and Quantitative Descriptions of Detected Events
Christopher McClean, Jeffrey Johnson, Brit Colanter, Michele Ginsberg
Emergency Syndromic Surveillance: Adapting Real-Time Outbreak and Disease Surveillance (RODS) for Public Health in Canada
Kieran Moore, Mike Rimmer, Kevin O'Connor, Don McGuinness, Bronwen Edgar
Integration of Hospital Admissions, Febrile Respiratory Illness Screening and Triage Acuity Score into an Emergency Department Syndromic Surveillance System
Kieran Moore, Mike Rimmer, Kevin O'Connor, Don McGuinness, Bronwen Edgar
Multi-Sectored Approach to Evaluation of a Syndromic Surveillance System
Kieran Moore, Mike Rimmer, Kevin O'Connor, Don McGuinness, Bronwen Edgar
Data-Adaptive Multivariate Control Charts for Routine Health Monitoring
Sean P. Murphy, Howard S. Burkom, Galit Shmueli
Infectious Outbreaks and Time-Distributed Effects of Exposure
Elena N. Naumova, Ian B. MacNeill
A Bayesian Scan Statistic for Spatial Cluster Detection
Daniel B. Neill, Andrew W. Moore, Gregory F. Cooper
An Expectation-Based Scan Statistic for Detection of Space-Time Clusters
Daniel B. Neill, Andrew W. Moore, Maheshkumar R. Sabhnani, Kenny Daniel
Experimental Syndromic Surveillance in Japan Using Three Aspects: OTC, Outpatients Visits and Ambulance Transfer
Yasushi Ohkusa, Tamie Sugawara, Hiroaki Sugiura, Yukihiko Kawaguchi, Kiyosu Taniguchi, Nobuhiko Okabe
Second Year of the Surveillance on Over-the-Counter Medication Sales Data in Japan
Yasushi Ohkusa, Mika Shigematsu, Kiyosu Taniguchi
Syndromic Surveillance in Boston: Validating the Detection of Small Events and Integrating Response from a Local Health Department
Justin Pendarvis, Julia Gunn, Amy Kirkwood Smith, M. Anita Barry
Multiple Data Sources and Reverse Engineering Could Improve Sensitivity of Surveillance Algorithms
Rebecca R. Roberts, Arunachalam Einstein, Robert Gore, Ibrar Ahmad, Linda M. Kampe, Bala Hota, Pamela Diaz, Nicole Cohen, John Mansour, Brandon Zagorski, Robert A. Weinstein
ROC Curves in Public Health Surveillance: A First Step in Cost-Benefit Analysis
Rebecca R. Roberts, Ibrar Ahmad, Arunachalam Einstein, Robert Gore, Linda Kampe, Nicole Cohen, Pamela Diaz, Bala Hota, John Mansour, Robert A. Weinstein
Monitoring Pharmacy Retail Data for Anomalous Space-Time Clusters
Maheshkumar R. Sabhnani, Daniel B. Neill, Andrew W. Moore, Fu-Chiang Tsui, Michael M. Wagner, Jeremy U. Espino
Medicaid Prescription Data for Detection of Influenza-Like Illness
Kathryn J. Schmit, Jian-Hua Chen, Pam Duncan, C. Waters, G. Johnson, Beth Nivin, Marilyn Kacica
Reverse Engineering of a Syndrome Definition for Influenza
Matthew J. Scholer, Jennifer MacFarquhar, Emily Sickbert-Bennett, Aaron Kipp, Debbie Travers, Anna Waller
A Generalization of the AMOC Curve
Yanna Shen, Weng-Keen Wong, Gregory F. Cooper
Syndromic Surveillance Confirmation of Extended Influenza Season
Alan J. Siniscalchi, Matthew L. Carter, James L. Hadler
Beyond Detection: Attack Characterization with Syndromic and Clinical Data
Adam A. Szpiro, David L. Buckeridge
The New York State BioSense Sentinel Alert Experience
Kathleen K. Thoburn, James R. Miller, Jerome I. Tokars, Colleen Bradley, Duane Zomer
The New York State Department of Health's Syndromic Surveillance System
Kathleen K. Thoburn, James R. Miller, Jian-Hua Chen, Kathryn J. Schmit, Hwa-Gan Chang
Monitoring Influenza Activity Using the BioSense System, 2003-2005
Jerome I. Tokars, Gary A. Roselle, Lynette Brammer, Julie Pavlin, Roseanne English-Bullard, Stephen M. Kralovic, Philip Gould, Alicia Postema, Nicola Marsden-Haug
Evaluation of Emergency Medical Text Processor for Pre-Processing Chief Complaint Data for Syndromic Surveillance
Debbie Travers, Aaron Kipp, Jennifer MacFarquhar, Anna Waller
Integrating Early Event Detection into Local Disease Surveillance and Response
Nigel Turner, Alexandre Klementiev
Validation of Data from Medical Registrations in The Netherlands for Syndromic Surveillance Use: Comparing Respiratory Syndromes with Laboratory Surveillance
Liselotte van Asten, Kees van den Wijngaard, Hans van Vliet, Wilfrid van Pelt, Marion Koopmans
Assessing the Impact of Syndromic Surveillance Systems on Routine Public Health Practice: Identifying and Evaluating Syndromic Signals
W. Katherine Yih, James Daniel, Dawn Heisey-Grove, John Hsu, James Nordin, Debra Ritzwoller, Edward Sherwood, Richard Platt
A Comparison of Ambulatory Care and Emergency Department Encounters as Data Sources for Detection of Clusters of Lower Gastrointestinal Illness
W. Katherine Yih, Allyson Abrams, John Hsu, Ken Kleinman, Martin Kulldorff, Richard Platt
Nurse Call Data for Detection of Influenza-Like Illness
W. Katherine Yih, Kathryn S. Teates, Allyson Abrams, Ken Kleinman, Robert Pinner, Robert Harmon, Richard Platt
The Potential of Syndromic Surveillance of Gastrointestinal Illness in the Community for Early Warning of Institutional Gastroenteritis Outbreaks
Wei Zheng, David J. Muscatello, Robin Turner, Leonie Neville
An Open Source Web Services Toolkit for Event Detection Algorithms
William B. Lober, Dan Drozd, Thomas Lumley, Krisztian Sebestyen, Ian Painter
Incorporating Wildlife Data into Syndromic Surveillance
Dennis M. Falls, Bobby Schopler, Amy Ising, Aaron Kipp, Anna E. Waller
North Carolina Bioterrorism and Emerging Infection Prevention System
Meichum Li, Amy Ising, Anna E. Waller, Dennis Falls, Terri Eubanks, Aaron Kipp
The Value of Patient Reports in Syndrome Assignment
Florence T. Bourgeois, Stephen C. Porter, Kenneth D. Mandl
Lessons Learned from a National Capitol Region Syndromic Surveillance Tabletop Exercise, Spring 2005
Alvina K. Chu, Marvin L. Sikes, Sheryl L. Happel Lewis, David Blythe, Julie A. Casani
Preliminary Analysis of SaTScan's Effectiveness to Detect Known Disease Outbreaks Using Emergency Department Syndromic Data in Los Angeles County
Akbar Sharip, Jason Monroe, Curtis Croker, Moon Kim, Bessie Hwang, Raymond Aller, Laurene Mascola
The New Real Time Surveillance System within the French Forces in French Guiana
Jean-Baptiste Meynard, Herve Chaudet, Gaetan Texier, Liliane Pellegrin, Xavier Deparis, Benjamin Queyriaux, Olivier Tournebize, Rene Migliani, Andre Spiegel, Jean-Paul Boutin
Advanced Modular Design for Scalable Biosurveillance Systems
Ben Y. Reis, Chaim Kirby, Emmett Sprecher, Christopher A. Cassa, John Brownstein, William Simons, Lucas Jordan, Kenneth D. Mandl

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