Workshop and Summer School


Data-Driven Methods for Multi-Scale Physics and Complex Systems


We would like to announce a summer school and workshop focusing on emerging theoretical and computational methods at the intersection of data science, complex systems and networks.  The summer school and workshop will develop ideas from model reduction, data-assimilation, network theory, sparse sampling, equation-free methodologies, and machine learning with the goal of providing innovative tools for adaptively modeling and controlling complex, nonlinear processes. 


Workshop Plennary Speakers


- Peter Benner (Max-Planck Institute, Magdeburg)
- Bingni Brunton (Washington)
- Claudio Castellano (ISC-CNR, Rome)
- Bernard Haasdonk (Stuttgart)
- Petros Koumoutsakos (ETH-Zurich)
- Simone Melchionna (ISC-CNR, Rome)
- Bernd Noack (LIMSI)
- Themis Sapsis (MIT)
- Christof Schuette (Berlin)


Summer School: July 24-28 at La Sapienza


Audience: 40-60 Graduate students and postdocs. No registration fee. For US students, US $500 will help to partially support travel expenses incurred. For European students, US $300 is available. To inquire, please email Nathan Kutz at

Summer School lecturers include:
- Steven L. Brunton (Washington)
- Guido Caldarelli (IMT-Lucca)
- Claudio Castellano (ISC-CNR)
- Claudio Conti (La Sapienza)
- Eugenio Del Re (La Sapienza)
- J. Nathan Kutz (Washington)


Workshop: July 31-August 4 at the UW Rome Center


The workshop will take place following the summer school at the University of Washington Rome Center which is centrally located in the Campo di Fiore. Workshop contributed talks are solicited from faculty, postdocs and graduate students. To inquire about attending the workshop, please email Nathan Kutz at




- Steven L. Brunton and J. Nathan Kutz (Washington)
- Claudio Conti and Eugenio Del Re (Roma)
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