Open Source Codes and Algorithms

MATLAB: Dynamic Mode Decomposition code base [Download]


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Dynamic Mode Decomposition: Data-Driven Modeling of Complex Systems


Videos, lectures notes and code base for this 2016 SIAM book can be found here.



MATLAB: SINDy code base [Download ZIP file]


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Discovering governing equations from data by sparse identification of nonlinear dynamical systems


This video highlights the recent innovation of using overcomplete libraries and sparse regression to discover nonlinear dynamical systems from time series data.



PYTHON: PDE-FIND code base [Download]


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Data-driven discovery of partial differential equations


This video highlights extensions of our sparse identification for nonlinear dynamical systems (SINDy) to partial differential equations.



MATLAB: FAS Diagnostics Toolbox [Download]


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Computational Neurology: Computational Toolbox for FAS Diagnostics


This video highlights the use of a computational toolbox for evaluating FAS injuries to axons. A MATLAB toolbox is developed that can be used for evaluation.
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