Ekman and Rossby calculations on the Solomon Sea

Linear explorations with merged CCMP/ASCAT winds (1987-2013)...

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Note: Monthly-mean winds were constructed from original daily files.
CCMP winds were available from July 1987 to June 2011, ASCAT winds from April 2009 to December 2013. For the overlap period, a simple average was made.
"Interannual" means the average annual cycle was removed, and the residual smoothed with a 7-month triangle filter.

  1. Wind mean vectors and variance ellipses in frequency bands
    1. Monthly     (Overlay central section for Ekman transport below)
    2. Annual cycle
    3. Interannual

  2. Winds along sections
    1. Along 154°E
      1. Annual cycle
      2. Interannual     (Glider period)
      3. Long-period
      4. Unfiltered monthly (glider period)
    2. Interannual along 10°S

  3. Basin winds
    1. Variance ellipses:  Monthly     Annual cycle     Interannual
    2. Curl RMS:  Monthly    Annual cycle    Interannual
    3. Decadal changes:  1987-2013 mean Curl     Tau difference 99-13 minus 87-96     Curl difference
    4. Low-frequency Curl(x,t) averaged in latitude bins

  4. Ekman transport calculations
    Based on a diagonal section down the center of the Sea
    1. Interannual winds rotated to Along - and Cross-Sea components
      Compare section east of Solomons:  Parallel eastern section     Difference (circumisland wind)
    2. Time series integrated along the section (Sv)     (Glider period)     (Demeaned)
    3. Time series on latitude     (Glider period)
    4. Implied dh/dt at S.I. coast     (Glider period)
    5. Ekman slides sent to Russ (7 Feb 2014) (pdf)

  5. Rossby solution
    CCMP/ASCAT interannual winds.
    Unless noted: c=3.0m/s, Damping=24 months.
    1. h: thermocline depth anomalies, positive down
      1. Along 165°E     (Glider period)
      2. Along 12°S     (Glider period)
    2. ug on 165°E:  All     Glider period     y=spz3
      Total u_rw arriving at the Solomon Islands
    3. RMS ug at the western boundary input to the NGCU:  Incoming transport RMS(y)     Integral RMS
    4. Rossby/Godfrey solution for Solomon Sea transport (Preliminary)
    5. Solution broken into WBC, direct, Sol.Is.:   Compare glider transport     Compare SOI     (2 choices of dividing latitude)     1987-2013
      Compare 700m obs
    6. Compare SI, Direct, WBC pieces separately (700m):  c=3.0m/s     c=2.5m/s     1987-2013

    7. Annual cycle solution:
      1. Urw:  At 165°E     6°S     (Further S is very weak)
      2. Rossby solution (in parts) and observed Sol.Sea transport