Comparing glider Sol. Sea transport to Argo trans-Pacific

Initial question: What are the contributions to meridional transport across 7.5°S in the Pacific?
Can Argo Vg help?

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Early work (to Mar 2014)

  1. First test Argo inside the Solomon Sea:
    1. Argo mean Vg map
    2. Time series integrated across the Sea (3 plots of monthly data, annual cycle, interannual anomalies)
  2. Glider, Argo trans-Pacific and Ekman transport across 7.5°S
  3. Trans-Pacific structure along 7.5°S (3 plots of interannual anomalies of Curl, Sigma-25 depth, Argo Vg)

Later work (after 18 Mar 2014)
  1. Lee et al calculations:
    1. Argo region stats (RG Atlas):  RMS of 0-700m Tave (Maps)     RMS of Tave (y,z) sections
    2. Time series comparisons: Glider v(T-Tm) vs dT/dt: (Some comparisons of Kessler realtime vs Davis flight-model velocities)
      1. Annual cycle:   Kessler glider transports     Davis glider
      2. Interannual:  Kessler glider     Davis glider
        Checking:  Davis vs Kessler     Compute glider as integrals vs components

  2. Later transport across 7.5°S (extended through 2015)
    1. Monthly time series:
      1. Glider, Argo Vg, VEkman, Sum   Interannual
      2. Glider+Argo Vg vs VEkman     Interannual
    2. Annual cycle (includes mean):  Glider, Argo Vg, V_Ekman     Add sum of Glider+Argo
    3. Island Rule terms: Compare SI-S.America vs Glider Sol Sea
    4. Longterm balance V terms: Ekman, RW, Sv, IR, TDIR, with trends (in rwint)