Two New Edited Books

Volumes 36 and 37 of the Springer Series “Public Administration and Information Technology” (PAIT) are out covering the topics of “Blockchain and the Public Sector” and “Smart Cities and Smart Governance.” I would like to thank my co-editors Christopher Reddick and Manuel Pedro Rodríguez Bolívar as well as Elsa Estevez and Theresa Pardo for working with me on these timely topics.

More information can be obtained for the Blockchain book here and the Smart City book here.

DIRL Version 3.5 Released

Version 3.5 is another semi-annual update of this reference library. It has been published as of April 6, 2021, some three weeks later than originally scheduled (March 15) due to additional maintenance efforts. The library now contains 3,510 references of predominantly English-language, peer-reviewed work in the study domains of disaster information and information technologies and their uses in the context of disasters (see inclusion criteria). This represents an increase over the previous version of 150 references, or 4.5%.

The DIRL is intended to become an indispensable tool for Disaster Information and Technology-interested scholars. In particular, reviewers of paper submissions may want to rely on this reference library.

Packaged in a zip file, bibTeX, RIS as well as an Endnote package (enlp) versions are available for downloading. Mendeley or Zotero versions can easily be created by importing from RIS or bibTeX files. Please get back to us in case of any errors or omissions. Thank you for your interest and cooperation.

Please also note: The DIRL is provided on basis of self-service. Do not request any support.