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Compendium of Next Generation Surface Transportation Alternatives - 22nd Year

What's New this month Scope & Purpose Site Index List of 100+ Systems 
 *The Superway Automated Transit Network Project at San Jose State U* Tracked Electric Vehicle (TEV)
*New PRT Developments - Lofty Taxi PRT presentation*  *  Transit X Suspended PRT *
New Carsharing page * * Implemention Guidelines * * Making a transition to low-carbon transport systems * New highspeed dualmode system: Overland ATS*
*ULTra PRT circulator presentationRobocar News.htm*

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Historical perspective
Planning methods
Research amd Dev.
De[ployment Studies
Physical models
Reading Suggestions
Links to related sources
Associations, Consultants
Simulation Software
Control Software
Personal Rapid Transit  overview


Index Pages with links to websites

                            #1 Supported Vehicle Systems

 #2 Suspended Vehicle Systems


#3 Information Resources # 4 Dual mode Systems
Overviews, System Descriptions,
Major Studies,Status Reports
Automated Freight, Goods Movement and Tube Transport, includes Hyperloop link
Automated Highway Systems, Vehicle to Vehicle, Vehicle Infrastructure Integration, Robocars


History, Research, Planning Studies, Deployment Studies and Examples, Models, Simulations,Conferences, Suggested Reading, Glossaries and More




Dualmode Automated,  High Speed Electrified Highways, Pallet Systems, Door-to-Door Transport, Third Generation Roadways


Maglev, Urban and Intercity MIT's Mobility-on-Demand Project Personal Rapid Transit/Personal Automated Transit/PodCars Large-Scale PRT projects in India
Review of three major innovative transport studies for the USA PRT industry status report, 2011 ITS America information  
Debate Pages PRT/PAT/PodCars Driverless Cars Dualmode

 Smart Car Parking

Peter Muller, PRT Consulting Open PRT Design Specification (Dan)
Carsharing information



Segway's Last Mile

Robocars (Brad Templeton) Nathan Koren's blog  
Investor Information

3G Roadway concept

RUF  dualmode system (Denmark) Tracked Electric Vehicle  


APM, 6/09 Carbon-Free Mobility, 3/09  Technix, 1/09 PRT@Heathrow, 4/09  
PodCar City Conferences, Numbers 1-9        
On-line discussion

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Books, articles, reviews, related websites


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