HyperLoop, Automated Freight, Goods Movement and Various Tube Technologies

Links are provided to several descriptions of automated freight movement technologies. Some are operational, some under development and some are still conceptual. Some are above ground, others are underground. Large scale systems thinking on this topic is particularly noteworthy in the Netherlands and Japan.  Hyperloop research and development activity is occurring in several countries around the world

HyperLoop activities (high speed tube transport concept)

Link to the dramatic Hyperloop proposal for passenger and freight transportation in partially evacuated tubes

Winners of Hyperloop competition announced by Elon Musk, 1/31/17

Hyperloop Technologies: extensive review of issues and needed solutions, 3-26-17

Other Tube Technologies

See http://www.capsu.org/library/large-diameter.html for an overview of recent, global, activity in this field.

Link to a City Lab article on the future of US freight movement, 10/2014

Volpe report on intermodalism: a 20-year perspective

Link to German Baumer Group - Airport Baggage Handling technology

Link to Overland ATS concept for moving mix of vehicles at high speed, bot rail and roadway capabile, electric, autonomous central control

Link to Cargobeamer website: built and in operation, moving freight from Germany to Italy


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Source: Koshi, Masaki, An Automated Underground Tube Network for Urban Goods Transport, IATSS Research, 16:2, 1992

Autran Corporation - a system with carrier vehicles that will carry autos on platforms, passenger cabins and freight containers

Capsule pipelines - link to a website that provides considerable information on this goods movement approach.

CargoCap - innovative transportation system for conveyance of piece goods through pipelines, being developed in Germany. Virtual test system has been constructed and has been in use since 2007. Website include two excellent videos.

CargoRail - one of the new systems being developed by MegaRail Transportation Systems, Inc., described in a product overview. Also available is MegaRail's presentation to the Gateway Council of Governments regarding an application of a CargoRail and CargoTram system to serve the freight movement and air pollution reduction needs of the Port of Long Beach, California, pdf format, 21 pages  Also, see the more recent (September '07) Port Operating Plan, 10 pp. Click here for the most recent Cargo Rail presentation (October, 2009)   Currently (2013) inactive

CargoTunnel - an underground network concept for goods movement with cities

Evacuated Tube Transportation - link to a website that provides considerable information on this concept - deals with both people and freight.

Frog Navigation Systems - link to a website that describes automated cargo applications of guided vehicles in the Netherlands.

MagneTrak - link to a press release that describes this revolutionary material handling system being developed by MagneMotion and a Swiss company. new3.gif (1292 bytes)

Magplane - link to a website that describes a maglev-based pipeline system currently being demonstrated in Florida. An initial project has been
built in Mongolia.

Magtube, Inc. - link to a website that describes an evacuated tube concept using maglev for moving freight. See patent for more detailsnew3.gif (1292 bytes)

MegaRail - link to a website that describes an system that includes an automated freight component, called Cargo Rail, being developed in Ft. Worth, Texas. new3.gif (1292 bytes)

MonoFreight - link to a YouTube animation of a suspended monorail-type automated container transport system

Pipenet - an innovative system being developed in Italy, website now has a section in English

Pipeline Transportation - an automated freight transportation system that utilizes linear electric motors (author not doing further work but a good reference paper for previous work on this topic).

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