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  Stockholm, Sweden


Skybikes dualmode (USA)


Advanced Elev. Rail Comm.

    Univ. of Wash., Seattle   Modern Transport System Corporation (USA)   SkyCab PRT (Sweden)

Advanced Transit Assn. (ATRA)


Detroit DPM

  Modular Automated Individual Transport (Switzerland)   SkyCabs (New Zealand)

Advanced Transit in Sweden

  DPM History  

Monomobile dualmode (USA)


SkyCar PRT (Korea)

Aerobus (USA)


Dualmode debate page


Monorail opportunity in Seattle

  Sky Taxi (AU, Russia)
Aeromobile (USA)  

Dualmode quicklinks


Monorail quicklinks


SkyTrain  (USA)

Aerorail (USA)

  Dualmode Vehicle (Japan)  

Monorail Society

  Sky Tram (USA)
Aerorider (NL) E    

Morgantown GRT


SkyTran PRT (USA)

Aerotrain (USA)   Easy_Rider (Finland) N     SkyTrolley, (Canada)
Air Car (France)   EcoPRT (USA)   Neue Bahntechnik Paderborn (Germany)   Skyway, USA, Texas
AirTrain, (USA)   Ecotaxi (Finland)   New Transportation Paradigm   Skyweb Express (MN, USA)

Anderson, J. Edward

  EELS dualmode  (USA)   New Visions 2000 Conf.   SolaTrek (CA, USA)

APM circulator network design

  Elways -( Sweden)



Soule (France)

APM standards committee

  Evac. Tube Transport  (USA)



Sportaxi PRT (Norway)

Applied Levitation, USA



ParkShuttle (Netherlands)


Station cars

Aramis (France) (book)

  FasTran (Texas)   Parry Peoplemover (UK)   String Transport Unitsky (RU)
Aspen Conference reports   Flash (USA)  

Pathfinder PRT (USA)


Superconducting maglev

  Atmostrack (U.K.)   Flexitaxi (Russia)      

Supported vehicles index page


Autonomous Transportation System (Argentina)


Flexitrain (New Zealand)


Planning, index page


Suspended vehicles index page

  Austrans GRT (Australia)   Flightrail, USA, California  

PRISM - dualmode concept



  AutoMate, Israel  

Flyda monobeam (UK)


Project METRAN

  Synchro-Rail (U.K.)

Automated Bus studies

  FlyBy (Korea & Norway)   Project 21 (USA)



Automated Freight index page


Flyway (Sweden)


Personal Rapid Transit (PRT)


Technology assessment

  Automated Hiway Systems   FreedomTransit (USA)  

  Conference Report(1996)

  Technology status matrix
  Automated Transport System  

Fundamental Gap

    Control software  

Technology review (Japan)

  Autoshuttle (Germany)  

Fundamentals of PRT (book)


  Debate page

  Tokyo Teleport monorail
  Automated Transportation Network (New Zea.)




  Tomorrow's Transportation (book)
  Autoway (USA)   Garrison, W.L.  

  Deployment strategy


Top level ITT index page

  Autran (USA)   Gimbal Craft (USA)     Estimating capital cost and _ridership  

Transglide 2000 (USA)


Glossary of transit terms




Transit Metropolis (book)

  Beamways (Sweden)



  Network design example


Transit Pulse

  BeemCar (U.K.)  

Higherway dualmode (USA)


  Network design software


Transit Systems Theory (book)

  Bike Metro (Denmark)  

HiLoMag dualmode (USA)


  Operational scale model


Transmodal Capsule (USA)

  Bimodal Glideway (USA)  

History of PRT




Transportation expressions


BiWay dualmode (UK)


HSST maglev (Japan)


  Reference Desk


Transportation glossary

  Blade Runner (U.K.)   Hyperloop (USA)  

  Station model (physical)


Transrapid maglev


Break-even fare analysis (PRT)

  Hytran suspended monorail  

  Swedish study using VR


TriTech Dualmode (USA)

  Brickwall Stops for PRT I    

PRT 2000 (USA)

  TubeWay, (Germany)


Bubble Motion - Finland  

Innovation & Pub. Policy (book)

  Pipenet (Italy)   Tubular Guideway Transit (AZ)
  Burke, Catie   International Maglev Board  

Public Trans. in the U.S.

  TubularRail (USA)
C     Interstate Traveler (USA  

Purpose and scope of website



Cableliner (Austria)


InTransSys dualmode (USA)

  Puget Pullway (USA)  

Ultimate PRT (USA)


Cabinlift GRT (Germany)


Irving, Jack





Cabintaxi PRT (Germany/USA)


    Quiklane dualmode video (USA)  

Ultralight Rail (USA)

  CargoRail (USA)  

Jacksonville, Florida DPM


    Unitran (Russia)

Join  discussion lists

  Railbus (Netherlands)  

Urbanaut monorail (USA)


Citizens for PRT (Mlps, MN)

  Journal of Advanced Transportation   RailCab (Germany)  

Urban Oasis (book)

  City Logistics


    RailCar (USA)   UTIDualmode (USA) 
  Coaster (Austria)  

Kieffer, Jarold


Reflections (US history)


  Compare Technologies  

KRT (Japanese GRT)

  REV dualmode system concept (USA)   Vectus PRT (Korea and EU)


    Robocab (USA)   Velotaxi (Germany)

CVS PRT (Japan)


LABIS concept train (USA)

  ROAM (USA)  ( formerly MegaRail)  

Visual intrusion of PRT guideways

  CyberCab (Netherlands)  

Las Colinas, Texas APM


ROMAG maglev (USA)

  VMS/PMT dualmode (USA)
  CyberCab (Finland)   LEVX maglev from Magna-Force (USA)   Rosemont, Ill. demo project



CyberTran (USA)


Links to other websites


RUF dualmode (Denmark)

  Ward, Jerry





RUF network design example


Warren, Roxanne


Deployment studies

  Maglev Quicklinks  

RUF station design example


What's New


  Bellevue, Washington

  MAGLEV  2000   RUF Simulation program  

Wuppertal monorail (Germany)

    Boston, Mass.  


  RUF Sim. User's Guide



  Central Florida

  Magplane Tech., Inc.  S  


    Chicago's downtown  

Magnetrans (USA)

  Samuel, Peter   Yoder, Supin

  Cincinnati, Ohio


Major Activity Center Circulator

  Schmid Peoplemover (Germany)   .....Rail
    Emeryville, CA  

Marriage of Transit and Autos

  Segway dualmode (USA)    
    Gothenburg, Sweden   Masdar, Abu Dhabi   Shweeb (New Zealand, U.K.) Z  

  Irvine, California


Miami DPM



   Zhonghua-06 (China)

  Los Angeles, California

  MIT CityCar project   SkyCab PRT (Sweden)    

  Minneapolis, Minn.(downtown)

  MicroRail (USA)   SkyCabs (New Zealand)    
    Minn. - St. Paul, areawide   MIST-ER (Poland) - a PRT system   SkyTaxi (Russia)    

  Niagara Falls, N.Y.


Mitchell Transit (USA)

  Silver Bullet    

  Rosemont, Ill.

  MIX dualmode (USA)  

Simulation Software

    Stanford Res. Park   Mobility-on-Demand at MIT  

SIPEM (Germany)

    San Diego, CA   ModuTran PRT (Mexico)        
    SeaTac, WA            

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