Electrochemical Printing

with Dr. Jeff Nelson

With Nickel Reaction - Aaron Loe


with Copper Reaction - Mankit Yuen


With Deposition - Paul Roeter

Microfluidics - Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Ch. E. 499 - Autumn, 2007

Supervised by Professor Emeritus Bruce A. Finlayson

Department of Chemical Engineering - University of Washington


Front Row: Nhu-Chi, Lisa, Ha, Anna; Back Row: Mankit, Paul, Jacob, Aaron, Ho Hack, Bruce

Serpentine Mixer - Anna Moon

Catalytic Converter

- Jacob Harding

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Other web sites with more information include: Ch.E. 499, Spring, 2008, Ch.E. 499, Spring, 2007, Ch.E. 499, Winter, 2007, Ch.E. 499, Autumn, 2006 - Ch.E. 499, Spring, 2006 - Ch.E. 499, previous quarters

This web site provides results of studies of microfluidic devices, to determine mixing properties, flow properties, and coorelations and design information for laminar flow, thus augmenting the extensive information available for turbulent flow. Most microfluidic devices involve laminar flow and diffusion. The students mentioned here were Dreyfus Undergraduate Research Scholars at the University of Washington, under the Senior Mentor Program awarded to Professor Finlayson by the

Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.


Pressure Drop in Fittings

Turns and Bends -
Ha Dinh and Lisa Dahl


Jets - Nhu-Chi Ha


Combining and Splitting Flows -Ho Hack Song