Beyond Science


For 2005-2007, most of my non-science writing has been on the effect of totalitarianism and war on society, using Central Europe as the example. My focus is on Russian, German, Polish, Hungarian, and Czech films from this era and on memoirs or historical analysis of this period. The writing takes the form of book and movie reviews that draw on multiple sources and sometimes personal experiences. The blog reviews are here: SunnysideKitchen. It has lots of different stuff of varying quality and depth.

Some of my more complete essays are:
Looking into the heart of Ivan: the WWII Red Army solider
Come and See
Film as a form of dissent: the Ear
Lives of Others
The year the Comrade Armies saved the Czechs

Stories (links under construction)

Graduate school was fodder for a number of essays on life in the field.

Outdoor misadventures were also a favorite topic:

Sadly, graduate days eventually end, but I found other, less risky, ways to amuse myself: