A quite detailed chronology of the whole history of the "Silk Road" is available from the Silkroad Foundation website.

The Horse, Camel and Wheel.

Early Relations between China and the Peoples of Inner Asia.

Alexander the Great Chronology.

Kings of Shan-Shan.

The Early History of Buddhism in China. Additional chronologies on the spread of Buddhism and on Buddhist monks who were translators in China are at the end of the Buddhism page of the Silkroad Foundation.

A Selective Chronology of Buddhist Caves in China. A chronology for all of the Mogao Caves at Dunhuang listed numerically and arranged by often broad periods (e.g., "High T'ang") is on the Silkroad Foundation website.

Roman Relations with the East.

Early Islam and the Conquest of Central Asia.

Türk Empires and Transoxiana.

Inner Asia in the 7th-9th Centuries:  Tibet, the Uighurs and the T'ang.

Central Asia before Chingis Khan:  The Tanguts.

The Mongols.

A Timurid Chronology.

Highlights of Ming interactions with Inner Asia and points west.

Connections of Naqshbandi descendents of Khwaja Ahrar with Mughals.