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Lab meetings

Below is a schedule of upcoming and previous lab meetings for the research groups of Fred Buckner, Greg Crowther, K.K. Ojo, and Wes Van Voorhis. The schedule should be considered tentative for all presentations that are more than a month away. All group members are welcome, as are guests and collaborators. Lab meetings usually take place on the first Monday of the month. I will try to send an email reminder in advance of each meeting. Snack providers are asked to make or buy enough food to serve 12-15 people. Please contact me ( if you wish to be added to or deleted from the email list, etc.

Date, time, roomPresenter(s) and topic(s)Snack provider(s)
6/2/14, 10am, E601 Ranae Ranade Buckner lab
5/19/14, 10am, E601 Fred Buckner and/or 1-2 of his undergrads Rob Gillespie
4/7/14 Rob Gillespie: progress on compounds for second-stage Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT) K.K. Ojo
3/17/14 K.K. Ojo: Human African Trypanosomiasis drug development programs Josh McQueen
1/27/14 Josh McQueen: structure-activity relationships (SAR) for anti-T. brucei compounds Janette Myers
12/9/13 Janette Myers: Coenzyme A biosynthesis bifunctional protein (CoaBC) from Mycobacterium tuberculosis Ryan Choi
11/4/13 Ryan Choi: topoisomerase I from M. tuberculosis Wes Van Voorhis
10/7/13 Wes Van Voorhis: malaria drug resistance: a hard ACT to follow Lynn Barrett
9/9/13 Lynn Barrett: VOMPs and circumstance: the case for Variable Outer Membrane Proteins as high-value targets Greg Crowther
8/15/13 farewell party for Molly, Kate, and Annie all (potluck)
7/2/13 Greg Crowther: target-based screening in Plasmodium: highly rational, or mostly delusional? Matt Hulverson, Wes Van Voorhis
6/3/13 Matt Hulverson: CYP51 inhibitors for treatment of Chagas disease; Wes Van Voorhis: report on the BMGF Targets for Malaria Drug Development meeting at MMV Fred Buckner
5/6/13 Fred Buckner: highlights from "Chagas Week" in Bolivia Greg Crowther
4/1/13 Cho Yeow Koh: update on the tRNA synthetase literature Fred Buckner
3/11/13 Jack Jones: bacterial Sec pathway inhibitors; Jack Mo: glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase mutations and malaria Steve Nakazawa Hewitt
3/4/13 Steve Nakazawa Hewitt: lessons on protein rescue from structural genomics projects Ethan Merritt
2/4/13 Ethan Merritt: do Giardia have an Achilles heel? Keyloun/Reid/Yacoob
1/14/13 Christina Yacoob: formulation of malaria transmission-blocking compounds; Kate Keyloun and Molly Reid: CDPKs revisited Sharon Creason
1/7/13 Sharon Creason: pyrimidine synthesis as a target for antimalarial drugs and toxicity rescue Ranae Ranade
12/3/12 Ranae Ranade: identifying real hits from a high-throughput screen Rob Gillespie
11/9/12 Labby birthday party for Ryan Choi July birthday person (Joy Laydbak)
11/5/12 Rob Gillespie: non-target-based drug discovery for 2nd-stage HAT K.K. Ojo
10/1/12 K.K. Ojo: CDPK Fred Buckner
8/17/12 Farewell party for Alberto Napuli Lynn Barrett et al.
8/6/12 Fred Buckner: optimization of GNF compounds for treatment of T. brucei infections Greg Crowther
7/16/12 Joy Laydbak: activation of benznidazol in T. cruzi (PubMed ID #22037852) Wes Van Voorhis
7/13/12 Labby birthday party for Joy Laydbak May birthday people (Greg Crowther, Kasey Rivas)
7/2/12 Wes Van Voorhis: using structural genomics to probe essential genes of Burkholderia spp. Greg Crowther
6/29/12 Farewell party for Mary Nguyen Wes Van Voorhis et al.
6/18/12 Lynn Barrett: SLU 3.1 building update Lynn Barrett; Mary Nguyen
6/8/12 Farewell party for Janis Weeks and Anna Fox Wes Van Voorhis et al.
6/4/12 Anna Fox and Janis Weeks: calcium-dependent protein kinase in Plasmodium Matt Hulverson
5/21/12 Matt Hulverson: synergistic drug combinations for treatment of T. cruzi Greg Crowther
5/11/12 Labby birthday party for Greg Crowther and Kasey Rivas March birthday person (Lynn Barrett)
5/7/12 Greg Crowther: the Plasmodium dUTPase, human glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency, bacterial protein export, and crowdfunded science Ryan Choi, Steve Nakazawa Hewitt
4/4/12 Post-NCAA pizza party Kasey Rivas
4/2/12 Ryan Choi: various approaches to malaria drug discovery; Steve Nakazawa Hewitt: anti-social behavior patterns (non)expressed by the quorum sensing regulator QteE (PubMed ID #20378835) Sharon Creason, Ranae Ranade
3/19/12 Sharon Creason: journal club (PubMed IDs 19027798 and 22305482); Ranae Ranade: the long road to high-throughput screening K.K. Ojo
3/9/12 Labby Birthday party for Lynn Barrett February birthday people (Steve Nakazawa Hewitt, Wes Van Voorhis, Ranae Ranade)
3/5/12 K.K. Ojo and Christina Yacoob: drug formulation and antimalarials Rob Gillespie, Kasey Rivas
2/29/12 Farewell party for Steve Johnson Wes Van Voorhis et al.
2/17/12 Labby Birthday party for Steve Nakazawa Hewitt, Wes Van Voorhis, and Ranae Ranade January birthday people (Fred Buckner, Matt Hulverson)
2/6/12 Rob Gillespie: adventures with in vitro drug screening; Kasey Rivas: identifying genetic markers for autism risk Fred Buckner
1/23/12 Fred Buckner: drug discovery for neglected tropical diseases by academia Janis Weeks
1/11/12 Janis Weeks (visiting scientist from U. of Oregon): insects, Africa, neurons, music, and nematodes Greg Crowther
1/6/12 Labby Birthday party for Fred Buckner and Matt Hulverson November birthday people (Ryan Choi)
12/19/11 Greg Crowther: talking (and singing) to the public about infectious diseases Joy Laydbak, Mary Nguyen
12/5/11 No meeting due to ASTMH
11/21/11 Joy Laydbak: sterol biosynthesis as a Leishmania drug target; Mary Nguyen: Burkholderia pseudomallei Alberto Napuli
11/18/11 Labby Birthday party for Ryan Choi September birthday people (K.K. Ojo)
11/7/11 Alberto Napuli: SSGCID' s viral targets Wes Van Voorhis
10/17/11 Wes Van Voorhis: Uganda travels with reflections on health needs and our lab's projects Fred Buckner
10/3/11 Fred Buckner: update on sterol biosynthesis inhibition in T. cruzi Matt Hulverson, Angela Gillespie
9/26/11 Matt Hulverson: drug synergy in T. cruzi; Angela Gillespie: survey of SSGCID target organisms Ryan Choi, Steve Nakazawa Hewitt
9/14/11 Ryan Choi: predicting crystallography success from protein recovery screening (PubMed ID #21904040); Steve Nakazawa Hewitt: principles of scientific illustration Lynn Barrett
9/8/11 Pizza party Fisher Scientific
9/1/11 Farwell party for Cassie Bryan Lynn Barrett
8/8/11 Lynn Barrett: SSGCID analysis of an influenza virus protein; Cassie Bryan: SSGCID purification statistics Sharon Creason, Ranae Ranade
8/5/11 Workshop on collaborative gastronomy Debra Jarvis, Wes Van Voorhis
8/2/11 Amy Wernimont and Raymond Hui (from SGC in Toronto): Advances and obstacles in structural biology of protozoan parasites N/A
7/29/11 Labby Birthday party for Angela Gillespie and Joy Laydbak June birthday people (Rob Gillespie)
7/18/11 Sharon Creason: in vivo work contributing to a new antimalarial DHODH inhibitor; Ranae Ranade: T. brucei MetRS inhibition assay for IC50 determination using bioluminescence K.K. Ojo
7/8/11 Farwell party for David Leibly Lynn Barrett
6/24/11 Labby Birthday party for Rob Gillespie May birthday people (Greg Crowther)
6/20/11 David Leibly: E. histolytica cysteine protease 1; K.K. Ojo: T. gondii CDPK1 Panqing He
6/6/11 Panqing He: use of a YFP variant to monitor movement of T. gondii CDPK1 Greg Crowther
5/20/11 Labby Birthday party for Greg Crowther March birthday people (Lynn Barrett)
5/16/11 Greg Crowther: inhibition of the Sec pathway of protein export Natascha Mueller
5/2/11 Rob Gillespie: Met tRNA synthetase in T. brucei; David Leibly: solubilization of recombinant proteins via additives during cell lysis Rob Gillespie
4/25/11 Natascha Mueller: inhibition of CDPK4 and Plasmodium exflagellation K.K. Ojo
4/4/11 K.K. Ojo: glycogen synthase kinase (GSK) in T. brucei Joy Laydbak
3/22/11 Joy Laydbak: liver microsomes - how metabolites optimize drug formulation; Paul Newling: CDK (protein kinase) from Giardia Eric Larson
3/21/11 Labby Birthday party for Lynn Barrett February birthday people (Steve Nakazawa Hewitt, Ranae Pefley, Wes Van Voorhis)
3/16/11 Erin Engelson: thesis defense! N/A
2/25/11 Labby Birthday party for Steve Nakazawa Hewitt, Ranae Pefley, and Wes Van Voorhis January birthday people (Fred Buckner, Panqing He, Matt Hulverson)
2/7/11 Eric Larson: CDPK1 from T. gondii and C. parvum ... and c-Src from humans Alberto Napuli
1/28/11 Labby Birthday party for Fred Bucker, Panqing He, and Matt Hulverson November birthday people (Ryan Choi)
1/3/11 Natalie Grattan: enzyme assay optimization for high-throughput screens Alberto Napuli
12/20/10 Alberto Napuli Janhavi Bhandari, Matt Hulverson
12/6/10 Janhavi Bhandari: 3C protease for removal of His tags from proteins; Matt Hulverson: drug screening of visceral Leishmania Fred Buckner
11/22/10 Fred Buckner: review of ASTMH annual meeting Ryan Choi, Steve Nakazawa Hewitt
11/1/10 Ryan Choi: baculovirus expression systems; Steve Nakazawa Hewitt: rescuing proteins by fusing them to MBP Cassie Bryan, David Leibly
10/18/10 Cassie Bryan: calcium-dependent protein kinase 4 (CDPK4) from P. falciparum; David Leibly: results of lysis additive screen for SSGCID Wes Van Voorhis
10/4/10 Wes Van Voorhis: overview of past, present, and future projects Sharon Creason, Ranae Pefley
9/20/10 Sharon Creason: luciferase-expressing Plasmodium (PubMed ID #18590736); Ranae Pefley: evaluating anti-T. brucei compounds for penetration through the blood-brain barrier Greg Crowther
8/16/10 Lynn Barrett: probable move to South Lake Union III; Rob Gillespie: kinetoplastid tRNA synthetases Lynn Barrett, Rob Gillespie
8/2/10 Greg Crowther: adventures in grant-writing Angela Kelley, Natasha Mueller
7/26/10 Angela Kelley: cloning and expression of the P. falciparum IMP dehydrogenase; Natascha Mueller: scintillation counting with the MicroBeta2 Panqing He
6/21/10 Panqing He: assays of the S. mansoni thioredoxin/glutathione reductase and the P. falciparum protein kinase 6; methylglyoxal metabolism of the tritryps K.K. Ojo
6/7/10 K.K. Ojo: calcium-dependent protein kinase in Toxoplasma and Cryptosporidium Kate Keyloun, Noah Smith
6/3/10 Steve Johnson (guest speaker): inhibition of transthyretin amyloidogenesis and GroEL/ES Greg Crowther
5/17/10 Kate Keyloun: further chemical and genetic validation of GSK3 in T. brucei; Noah Smith: toxicity screening of compounds active against Leishmania and T. cruzi Alberto Napuli
4/26/10 Alberto Napuli: highlights from Protein Structure Initiative (PSI) meeting Erin Engelson
4/5/10 Erin Engelson: trypanosome kinesins Janhavi Bhandari, Cassie Bryan, David Leibly
3/15/10 Janhavi Bhandari: purification of betaine aldehyde dehydrogenase from Burkholderia pseudomallei; Cassie Bryan: the E. coli heat shock protein DNAK (HSP70); David Leibly: lysis additive screen for SSGCID Jen Arif, Matt Hulverson
3/1/10 Jen Arif and Matt Hulverson: testing of compounds against Leishmania and T. cruzi in vitro and in vivo, and drug synergy in T. cruzi Fred Buckner
2/1/10 Fred Buckner: overview of Buckner lab projects Rob Gillespie, Steve Nakazawa Hewitt
1/4/10 Rob Gillespie: overview of IVIS imaging system; Steve Nakazawa Hewitt: Protein Structure Initiative (PubMed ID #18356501) K.K. Ojo
12/21/09 Lab potluck party (note special time) Everyone!
12/7/09 K.K. Ojo: calcium-dependent protein kinase in T. gondii Wes Van Voorhis
11/16/09 Wes Van Voorhis: Entamoeba protease drug target project with Sharon Reed Lynn Barrett, Sharon Creason
10/19/09 Lynn Barrett: permeability testing in mammalian cells; Sharon Creason: efficacy screening in a rodent model of malaria Angela Kelley, Natascha Mueller
10/5/09 Angela Kelley: cathepsin L in T. gondii (PubMed ID #19596863); Natascha Mueller: PicoGreen assay of Plasmodium growth (PubMed ID #14993620); Fred Buckner: compound database update Panqing He
8/17/09 Andrew Thomas: activity assays for screening anti-Plasmodium compounds; Kuzma Kovzun: assaying 6-pyruvoyltetrahydropterin synthase Panqing He
8/3/09 Panqing He: kinetic and structural studies of hydroxymandelate synthase from Amycolatopsis orientalis Janhavi Bhandari
7/20/09 Janhavi Bhandari: screening of protein formulation stability (PubMed ID #17107777) Greg Crowther
7/6/09 Erin Engelson: trypanosome kinesins Erin Engelson
6/22/09 Phil Rodenbough: high-throughput screening assays of Plasmodium enzymes Kate Keyloun
6/8/09 Joe Planer: exploring drug synergy for treatment of Chagas disease Jen Arif
5/11/09 Kate Keyloun: calcium-dependent protein kinase in T. gondii; Jen Arif: inhibition of T. cruzi sterol 14alpha-demethylase (PubMed ID #19354253 and PubMed ID #19190730) Fred Buckner
4/27/09 Fred Buckner: tRNA synthetase inhibitors for T. brucei Steve Nakazawa Hewitt
4/13/09 Steve Nakazawa Hewitt: target-based development of antibacterial drugs (PubMed ID #17159923) Phil Rodenbough, Krishna Inampudi
3/9/09 Phil Rodenbough: phospholipase A2 inhibitors; Krishna Inampudi: modeling of glycogen synthase kinase in L. major Joe Planer
2/23/09 Joe Planer: literature review of azoles as anti-Leishmania agents (optional reading: PubMed ID #10582881) Greg Crowther
2/9/09 Greg Crowther: buffer optimization of thermal melt assays of Plasmodium proteins Rob Gillespie (and Erin Engelson)
1/26/09 Erin Engelson: molecular biology of trypanosome kinesins (optional reading: PubMed ID #19043568) Fred Buckner
1/12/09 Rob Gillespie: glycogen synthase kinase: mutant knock-in experiments in T. brucei Fred Buckner
12/15/08 Fred Buckner: synergistic drugs in T. cruzi Krishna Inampudi, Greg Morlin
11/24/08 Krishna Inampudi: structural modeling of non-receptor tyrosine kinases KK Ojo
11/10/08 KK Ojo: glycogen synthase kinase in T. brucei Greg Morlin
10/13/08 Greg Morlin: methionine-tRNA synthase Lisa Castaneda
9/22/08 Lisa Castaneda: protein production and purification (PubMed ID #18235434) Jan Schoepe
9/08/08 Joe Planer: Leishmania drug screening Erin Engelson
8/11/08 Greg Crowther: thermal melts of Plasmodium proteins Angie Sibounheuang
7/21/08 Angie Sibounheuang: N-terminal acetylation and export of Plasmodium proteins into host erythrocytes (PubMed ID #18534695); farewell party for Audrey Odom! Wes Van Voorhis
7/14/08 Jan Schoepe: shikimate pathway enzymes as possible drug targets Greg Crowther
6/23/08 Erin Engelson: trypanosome lysis by human HDL particles (PubMed ID #18451305); Wes Van Voorhis: grant proposal on multitarget drugs and docking with dynamics Rob Gillespie
6/9/08 Rob Gillespie: RNAi targets in T. brucei; Greg Morlin: methionine-tRNA synthetase assay Greg Morlin, Joe Planer
5/12/08 Greg Morlin and Joe Planer: resistance to Chagas disease drugs (PubMed ID #18367671) Wes Van Voorhis