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Lab meetings

This page is no longer being updated. For current information on Buckner/Van Voorhis lab meetings, please contact Matt Hulverson (

For archival purposes, below is a record of previous lab meetings.

Date, time, roomPresenter(s) and topic(s)Snack provider(s)
6/2/14 Ranae Ranade: Trypanosoma brucei methionyl-tRNA synthetase high-throughput screen: selecting lead scaffolds from initial hits Fred Buckner
5/19/14 Fred Buckner: journal club Rob Gillespie
4/7/14 Rob Gillespie: progress on compounds for second-stage Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT) K.K. Ojo
3/17/14 K.K. Ojo: Human African Trypanosomiasis drug development programs Josh McQueen
1/27/14 Josh McQueen: structure-activity relationships (SAR) for anti-T. brucei compounds Janette Myers
12/9/13 Janette Myers: Coenzyme A biosynthesis bifunctional protein (CoaBC) from Mycobacterium tuberculosis Ryan Choi
11/4/13 Ryan Choi: topoisomerase I from M. tuberculosis Wes Van Voorhis
10/7/13 Wes Van Voorhis: malaria drug resistance: a hard ACT to follow Lynn Barrett
9/9/13 Lynn Barrett: VOMPs and circumstance: the case for Variable Outer Membrane Proteins as high-value targets Greg Crowther
8/15/13 farewell party for Molly, Kate, and Annie all (potluck)
7/2/13 Greg Crowther: target-based screening in Plasmodium: highly rational, or mostly delusional? Matt Hulverson, Wes Van Voorhis
6/3/13 Matt Hulverson: CYP51 inhibitors for treatment of Chagas disease; Wes Van Voorhis: report on the BMGF Targets for Malaria Drug Development meeting at MMV Fred Buckner
5/6/13 Fred Buckner: highlights from "Chagas Week" in Bolivia Greg Crowther
4/1/13 Cho Yeow Koh: update on the tRNA synthetase literature Fred Buckner
3/11/13 Jack Jones: bacterial Sec pathway inhibitors; Jack Mo: glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase mutations and malaria Steve Nakazawa Hewitt
3/4/13 Steve Nakazawa Hewitt: lessons on protein rescue from structural genomics projects Ethan Merritt
2/4/13 Ethan Merritt: do Giardia have an Achilles heel? Keyloun/Reid/Yacoob
1/14/13 Christina Yacoob: formulation of malaria transmission-blocking compounds; Kate Keyloun and Molly Reid: CDPKs revisited Sharon Creason
1/7/13 Sharon Creason: pyrimidine synthesis as a target for antimalarial drugs and toxicity rescue Ranae Ranade
12/3/12 Ranae Ranade: identifying real hits from a high-throughput screen Rob Gillespie
11/9/12 Labby birthday party for Ryan Choi July birthday person (Joy Laydbak)
11/5/12 Rob Gillespie: non-target-based drug discovery for 2nd-stage HAT K.K. Ojo
10/1/12 K.K. Ojo: CDPK Fred Buckner
8/17/12 Farewell party for Alberto Napuli Lynn Barrett et al.
8/6/12 Fred Buckner: optimization of GNF compounds for treatment of T. brucei infections Greg Crowther
7/16/12 Joy Laydbak: activation of benznidazol in T. cruzi (PubMed ID #22037852) Wes Van Voorhis
7/13/12 Labby birthday party for Joy Laydbak May birthday people (Greg Crowther, Kasey Rivas)
7/2/12 Wes Van Voorhis: using structural genomics to probe essential genes of Burkholderia spp. Greg Crowther
6/29/12 Farewell party for Mary Nguyen Wes Van Voorhis et al.
6/18/12 Lynn Barrett: SLU 3.1 building update Lynn Barrett; Mary Nguyen
6/8/12 Farewell party for Janis Weeks and Anna Fox Wes Van Voorhis et al.
6/4/12 Anna Fox and Janis Weeks: calcium-dependent protein kinase in Plasmodium Matt Hulverson
5/21/12 Matt Hulverson: synergistic drug combinations for treatment of T. cruzi Greg Crowther
5/11/12 Labby birthday party for Greg Crowther and Kasey Rivas March birthday person (Lynn Barrett)
5/7/12 Greg Crowther: the Plasmodium dUTPase, human glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency, bacterial protein export, and crowdfunded science Ryan Choi, Steve Nakazawa Hewitt
4/4/12 Post-NCAA pizza party Kasey Rivas
4/2/12 Ryan Choi: various approaches to malaria drug discovery; Steve Nakazawa Hewitt: anti-social behavior patterns (non)expressed by the quorum sensing regulator QteE (PubMed ID #20378835) Sharon Creason, Ranae Ranade
3/19/12 Sharon Creason: journal club (PubMed IDs 19027798 and 22305482); Ranae Ranade: the long road to high-throughput screening K.K. Ojo
3/9/12 Labby Birthday party for Lynn Barrett February birthday people (Steve Nakazawa Hewitt, Wes Van Voorhis, Ranae Ranade)
3/5/12 K.K. Ojo and Christina Yacoob: drug formulation and antimalarials Rob Gillespie, Kasey Rivas
2/29/12 Farewell party for Steve Johnson Wes Van Voorhis et al.
2/17/12 Labby Birthday party for Steve Nakazawa Hewitt, Wes Van Voorhis, and Ranae Ranade January birthday people (Fred Buckner, Matt Hulverson)
2/6/12 Rob Gillespie: adventures with in vitro drug screening; Kasey Rivas: identifying genetic markers for autism risk Fred Buckner
1/23/12 Fred Buckner: drug discovery for neglected tropical diseases by academia Janis Weeks
1/11/12 Janis Weeks (visiting scientist from U. of Oregon): insects, Africa, neurons, music, and nematodes Greg Crowther
1/6/12 Labby Birthday party for Fred Buckner and Matt Hulverson November birthday people (Ryan Choi)
12/19/11 Greg Crowther: talking (and singing) to the public about infectious diseases Joy Laydbak, Mary Nguyen
12/5/11 No meeting due to ASTMH
11/21/11 Joy Laydbak: sterol biosynthesis as a Leishmania drug target; Mary Nguyen: Burkholderia pseudomallei Alberto Napuli
11/18/11 Labby Birthday party for Ryan Choi September birthday people (K.K. Ojo)
11/7/11 Alberto Napuli: SSGCID' s viral targets Wes Van Voorhis
10/17/11 Wes Van Voorhis: Uganda travels with reflections on health needs and our lab's projects Fred Buckner
10/3/11 Fred Buckner: update on sterol biosynthesis inhibition in T. cruzi Matt Hulverson, Angela Gillespie
9/26/11 Matt Hulverson: drug synergy in T. cruzi; Angela Gillespie: survey of SSGCID target organisms Ryan Choi, Steve Nakazawa Hewitt
9/14/11 Ryan Choi: predicting crystallography success from protein recovery screening (PubMed ID #21904040); Steve Nakazawa Hewitt: principles of scientific illustration Lynn Barrett
9/8/11 Pizza party Fisher Scientific
9/1/11 Farwell party for Cassie Bryan Lynn Barrett
8/8/11 Lynn Barrett: SSGCID analysis of an influenza virus protein; Cassie Bryan: SSGCID purification statistics Sharon Creason, Ranae Ranade
8/5/11 Workshop on collaborative gastronomy Debra Jarvis, Wes Van Voorhis
8/2/11 Amy Wernimont and Raymond Hui (from SGC in Toronto): Advances and obstacles in structural biology of protozoan parasites N/A
7/29/11 Labby Birthday party for Angela Gillespie and Joy Laydbak June birthday people (Rob Gillespie)
7/18/11 Sharon Creason: in vivo work contributing to a new antimalarial DHODH inhibitor; Ranae Ranade: T. brucei MetRS inhibition assay for IC50 determination using bioluminescence K.K. Ojo
7/8/11 Farwell party for David Leibly Lynn Barrett
6/24/11 Labby Birthday party for Rob Gillespie May birthday people (Greg Crowther)
6/20/11 David Leibly: E. histolytica cysteine protease 1; K.K. Ojo: T. gondii CDPK1 Panqing He
6/6/11 Panqing He: use of a YFP variant to monitor movement of T. gondii CDPK1 Greg Crowther
5/20/11 Labby Birthday party for Greg Crowther March birthday people (Lynn Barrett)
5/16/11 Greg Crowther: inhibition of the Sec pathway of protein export Natascha Mueller
5/2/11 Rob Gillespie: Met tRNA synthetase in T. brucei; David Leibly: solubilization of recombinant proteins via additives during cell lysis Rob Gillespie
4/25/11 Natascha Mueller: inhibition of CDPK4 and Plasmodium exflagellation K.K. Ojo
4/4/11 K.K. Ojo: glycogen synthase kinase (GSK) in T. brucei Joy Laydbak
3/22/11 Joy Laydbak: liver microsomes - how metabolites optimize drug formulation; Paul Newling: CDK (protein kinase) from Giardia Eric Larson
3/21/11 Labby Birthday party for Lynn Barrett February birthday people (Steve Nakazawa Hewitt, Ranae Pefley, Wes Van Voorhis)
3/16/11 Erin Engelson: thesis defense! N/A
2/25/11 Labby Birthday party for Steve Nakazawa Hewitt, Ranae Pefley, and Wes Van Voorhis January birthday people (Fred Buckner, Panqing He, Matt Hulverson)
2/7/11 Eric Larson: CDPK1 from T. gondii and C. parvum ... and c-Src from humans Alberto Napuli
1/28/11 Labby Birthday party for Fred Bucker, Panqing He, and Matt Hulverson November birthday people (Ryan Choi)
1/3/11 Natalie Grattan: enzyme assay optimization for high-throughput screens Alberto Napuli
12/20/10 Alberto Napuli Janhavi Bhandari, Matt Hulverson
12/6/10 Janhavi Bhandari: 3C protease for removal of His tags from proteins; Matt Hulverson: drug screening of visceral Leishmania Fred Buckner
11/22/10 Fred Buckner: review of ASTMH annual meeting Ryan Choi, Steve Nakazawa Hewitt
11/1/10 Ryan Choi: baculovirus expression systems; Steve Nakazawa Hewitt: rescuing proteins by fusing them to MBP Cassie Bryan, David Leibly
10/18/10 Cassie Bryan: calcium-dependent protein kinase 4 (CDPK4) from P. falciparum; David Leibly: results of lysis additive screen for SSGCID Wes Van Voorhis
10/4/10 Wes Van Voorhis: overview of past, present, and future projects Sharon Creason, Ranae Pefley
9/20/10 Sharon Creason: luciferase-expressing Plasmodium (PubMed ID #18590736); Ranae Pefley: evaluating anti-T. brucei compounds for penetration through the blood-brain barrier Greg Crowther
8/16/10 Lynn Barrett: probable move to South Lake Union III; Rob Gillespie: kinetoplastid tRNA synthetases Lynn Barrett, Rob Gillespie
8/2/10 Greg Crowther: adventures in grant-writing Angela Kelley, Natasha Mueller
7/26/10 Angela Kelley: cloning and expression of the P. falciparum IMP dehydrogenase; Natascha Mueller: scintillation counting with the MicroBeta2 Panqing He
6/21/10 Panqing He: assays of the S. mansoni thioredoxin/glutathione reductase and the P. falciparum protein kinase 6; methylglyoxal metabolism of the tritryps K.K. Ojo
6/7/10 K.K. Ojo: calcium-dependent protein kinase in Toxoplasma and Cryptosporidium Kate Keyloun, Noah Smith
6/3/10 Steve Johnson (guest speaker): inhibition of transthyretin amyloidogenesis and GroEL/ES Greg Crowther
5/17/10 Kate Keyloun: further chemical and genetic validation of GSK3 in T. brucei; Noah Smith: toxicity screening of compounds active against Leishmania and T. cruzi Alberto Napuli
4/26/10 Alberto Napuli: highlights from Protein Structure Initiative (PSI) meeting Erin Engelson
4/5/10 Erin Engelson: trypanosome kinesins Janhavi Bhandari, Cassie Bryan, David Leibly
3/15/10 Janhavi Bhandari: purification of betaine aldehyde dehydrogenase from Burkholderia pseudomallei; Cassie Bryan: the E. coli heat shock protein DNAK (HSP70); David Leibly: lysis additive screen for SSGCID Jen Arif, Matt Hulverson
3/1/10 Jen Arif and Matt Hulverson: testing of compounds against Leishmania and T. cruzi in vitro and in vivo, and drug synergy in T. cruzi Fred Buckner
2/1/10 Fred Buckner: overview of Buckner lab projects Rob Gillespie, Steve Nakazawa Hewitt
1/4/10 Rob Gillespie: overview of IVIS imaging system; Steve Nakazawa Hewitt: Protein Structure Initiative (PubMed ID #18356501) K.K. Ojo
12/21/09 Lab potluck party (note special time) Everyone!
12/7/09 K.K. Ojo: calcium-dependent protein kinase in T. gondii Wes Van Voorhis
11/16/09 Wes Van Voorhis: Entamoeba protease drug target project with Sharon Reed Lynn Barrett, Sharon Creason
10/19/09 Lynn Barrett: permeability testing in mammalian cells; Sharon Creason: efficacy screening in a rodent model of malaria Angela Kelley, Natascha Mueller
10/5/09 Angela Kelley: cathepsin L in T. gondii (PubMed ID #19596863); Natascha Mueller: PicoGreen assay of Plasmodium growth (PubMed ID #14993620); Fred Buckner: compound database update Panqing He
8/17/09 Andrew Thomas: activity assays for screening anti-Plasmodium compounds; Kuzma Kovzun: assaying 6-pyruvoyltetrahydropterin synthase Panqing He
8/3/09 Panqing He: kinetic and structural studies of hydroxymandelate synthase from Amycolatopsis orientalis Janhavi Bhandari
7/20/09 Janhavi Bhandari: screening of protein formulation stability (PubMed ID #17107777) Greg Crowther
7/6/09 Erin Engelson: trypanosome kinesins Erin Engelson
6/22/09 Phil Rodenbough: high-throughput screening assays of Plasmodium enzymes Kate Keyloun
6/8/09 Joe Planer: exploring drug synergy for treatment of Chagas disease Jen Arif
5/11/09 Kate Keyloun: calcium-dependent protein kinase in T. gondii; Jen Arif: inhibition of T. cruzi sterol 14alpha-demethylase (PubMed ID #19354253 and PubMed ID #19190730) Fred Buckner
4/27/09 Fred Buckner: tRNA synthetase inhibitors for T. brucei Steve Nakazawa Hewitt
4/13/09 Steve Nakazawa Hewitt: target-based development of antibacterial drugs (PubMed ID #17159923) Phil Rodenbough, Krishna Inampudi
3/9/09 Phil Rodenbough: phospholipase A2 inhibitors; Krishna Inampudi: modeling of glycogen synthase kinase in L. major Joe Planer
2/23/09 Joe Planer: literature review of azoles as anti-Leishmania agents (optional reading: PubMed ID #10582881) Greg Crowther
2/9/09 Greg Crowther: buffer optimization of thermal melt assays of Plasmodium proteins Rob Gillespie (and Erin Engelson)
1/26/09 Erin Engelson: molecular biology of trypanosome kinesins (optional reading: PubMed ID #19043568) Fred Buckner
1/12/09 Rob Gillespie: glycogen synthase kinase: mutant knock-in experiments in T. brucei Fred Buckner
12/15/08 Fred Buckner: synergistic drugs in T. cruzi Krishna Inampudi, Greg Morlin
11/24/08 Krishna Inampudi: structural modeling of non-receptor tyrosine kinases KK Ojo
11/10/08 KK Ojo: glycogen synthase kinase in T. brucei Greg Morlin
10/13/08 Greg Morlin: methionine-tRNA synthase Lisa Castaneda
9/22/08 Lisa Castaneda: protein production and purification (PubMed ID #18235434) Jan Schoepe
9/08/08 Joe Planer: Leishmania drug screening Erin Engelson
8/11/08 Greg Crowther: thermal melts of Plasmodium proteins Angie Sibounheuang
7/21/08 Angie Sibounheuang: N-terminal acetylation and export of Plasmodium proteins into host erythrocytes (PubMed ID #18534695); farewell party for Audrey Odom! Wes Van Voorhis
7/14/08 Jan Schoepe: shikimate pathway enzymes as possible drug targets Greg Crowther
6/23/08 Erin Engelson: trypanosome lysis by human HDL particles (PubMed ID #18451305); Wes Van Voorhis: grant proposal on multitarget drugs and docking with dynamics Rob Gillespie
6/9/08 Rob Gillespie: RNAi targets in T. brucei; Greg Morlin: methionine-tRNA synthetase assay Greg Morlin, Joe Planer
5/12/08 Greg Morlin and Joe Planer: resistance to Chagas disease drugs (PubMed ID #18367671) Wes Van Voorhis