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I'm a teacher in transition! Having taught at UW-Bothell for the past 3 years, I am spending the fall of 2017 student-teaching at St. John Catholic School before starting a tenure-track position teaching anatomy & physiology at Everett Community College. As noted in my CV, I previously did laboratory research on infectious disease drug targets (2007-2014) and on the metabolism of methylotrophic bacteria (2003-2007), human skeletal muscles (1996-2002), and plant sphingolipids (1993-1995). I have a Ph.D. in Physiology & Biophysics (2002), which I try not to be too pretentious about, and an undergraduate degree in Biology (1995). It is generally easiest to reach me by email (, but go ahead and view my complete contact information if you must.

11/27/17 Just published in CBE-Life Sciences Education: my review of the book The Core Concepts of Physiology by Joel Michael et al.
10/24/17 Just published in Advances in Physiology Education: my paper Which way do the ions go? A graph-drawing exercise for understanding electrochemical gradients.
10/15/17 VOICES, a first-of-its-kind online conference on teaching STEM subjects with music, was held on Sept. 27-28. The entire conference has been archived online and may be accessed for free!
10/3/17 Are you a St. John student or parent? Here are my St. John teaching materials!
9/11/17 My next employer, Everett Community College, recently interviewed me for its "Behind the Resume" series.
9/1/17 Here's a new paper coauthored with Jennifer Breckler, a collaborator at San Francisco State University, and Allison Ma, a former undergraduate research assistant: Songwriting to Learn: Can students learn A&P by writing content-rich lyrics?
5/29/17 The results of the 2017 USCOTS A-Mu-Sing Competition are in. Believe it or not, I placed 2nd in the cartoon division with my entry, Three Students Walk into a Class.... (And honorable mention in the music division, for The Null Hypothesis.)
5/24/17 This week I have two more guest posts on the Dynamic Ecology blog: one in which I ask how we should be teaching the "scientific method," and one in which I reveal that, as of next January, I will have a new job!
4/5/17 Who should and should not be coauthors of research studies? I have opinions.
12/3/16 Not all of my songs are purely educational. Here's me singing "Kidney Wonderland" at the UW Nephrology holiday party.
11/14/16 I'm not an ecologist, but occasionally I play one on the Internet.
11/9/16 Students, here is my post-election open letter to you.
9/9/16 For me, the last 2.5 years have been an intense period of teaching lots of anatomy & physiology ("A&P") ... and writing lots of short songs about this material. Check out the current collection of lyrics, sheet music, and study questions for over 90 original A&P songs (plus a few parodies)!

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