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I'm a faculty member at South Seattle College and the University of Washington. I currently spend most of my time teaching biology and scientific writing. My research interests include infectious disease drug targets and innovations in STEM education. It is generally easiest to reach me by email (

9/16/14 AAAS's profile of its Science in the Classroom website describes how my students and I used the site this past spring.
8/10/14 As featured in BIOL 220 this summer, here's my Poiseuille's Law sing-along!
6/4/14 Q13 FOX News visited my BIOL 220 class and reported, "This professor can hold a tune!"
4/2/14 UW News has quoted me in its video preview of Paws-On Science and in a press release about colleague Katie Davis's AERA presentation on science music videos.
3/14/14 Former undergraduate research assistant Jack Jones has been accepted to UC-San Diego's Ph.D. program in Biomedical Science, and will start this program in the fall. Congratulations and good luck, Jack!
3/3/14 My latest peer-reviewed rant (with coauthor Becca Price) was published today in CBE Life Sciences Education.
1/9/14 I'm proud of two items released this week: our PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases paper Cofactor-Independent Phosphoglycerate Mutase from Nematodes Has Limited Druggability, as Revealed by Two High-Throughput Screens ... and my latest science song.