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I'm a faculty member at South Seattle College and the University of Washington. I teach science (mostly biology) and scientific writing, and I do research on infectious disease drug targets and innovations in STEM education. It is generally easiest to reach me by email (

9/16/14 AAAS's profile of its Science in the Classroom website describes how my students and I used the site this past spring.
8/10/14 As featured in BIOL 220 this summer, here's my Poiseuille's Law sing-along!
6/4/14 Q13 FOX News visited my BIOL 220 class and reported, "This professor can hold a tune!"
4/2/14 UW News has quoted me in its video preview of Paws-On Science and in a press release about colleague Katie Davis's AERA presentation on science music videos.
3/14/14 Former undergraduate research assistant Jack Jones has been accepted to UC-San Diego's Ph.D. program in Biomedical Science, and will start this program in the fall. Congratulations and good luck, Jack!
3/3/14 My latest peer-reviewed rant (with coauthor Becca Price) was published today in CBE Life Sciences Education.
1/9/14 I'm proud of two items released this week: our PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases paper Cofactor-Independent Phosphoglycerate Mutase from Nematodes Has Limited Druggability, as Revealed by Two High-Throughput Screens ... and my latest science song.