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Hello! In January 2018, I began teaching human anatomy & physiology (full-time, tenure-track) in the Department of Life Sciences at Everett Community College. I previously taught at the University of Puget Sound (2002-03), UW-Seattle (2003-06 and 2013-14), UW-Bothell (2014-17), and South Seattle College (2014-15). I am now an Affiliate Instructor at UW-Bothell, and have taught there during the past two summers.

As noted in my curriculum vitae, I have also done laboratory research on infectious disease drug targets (2007-2014) and on the metabolism of methylotrophic bacteria (2003-2007), human skeletal muscles (1996-2002), and plant sphingolipids (1993-1995). My degrees include a Ph.D. in Physiology & Biophysics from the University of Washington (2002), a M.A. in Science Education from Western Governors University (2018), and a B.A. in Biology from Williams College (1995).

It is easiest to reach me by email (, but go ahead and view my complete contact information if you must.

10/31/18 Just in time for Halloween: a poem that has nothing to do with Halloween, but everything to do with the so-called "Jennifer Aniston neurons."
9/21/18 This year's VOICES, an online conference on teaching STEM through music, is coming up on the 26th! In addition to serving as co-organizer, I contributed a video poster, Pitfalls of Writing and Using STEM Songs.
9/10/18 I've been mentioned in the last two episodes of Kevin Patton's A&P Professor Podcast: Episode 25 (Aug. 27) and Episode 26 (Sept. 10).
9/3/18 Everett Community College has posted a nice profile of me: EvCC Biology Instructor Teaches Science through Music.
8/23/18 Another month, another music-themed entry for a physiology teaching blog!
7/23/18 Last month I attended the American Physiological Society's Institute for Teaching and Learning, and of course I couldn't help interjecting a bit of unscheduled science music.
7/1/18 Another five-years-in-the-making paper was finally published (online) today: Songwriting to learn: how high school science fair participants use music to communicate personally relevant scientific concepts (S.J. Ward, R.M. Price, K. Davis, and G.J. Crowther, International Journal of Science Education Part B).
6/25/18 In December of 2015, I wrote some introductory statistics songs for the NSF-funded Project SMILES (Student-Made Interactive Learning with Educational Songs). After a couple of years of development and testing, those songs have now been publicly released. The ones I wrote are Central Limit Theorem, Inferential and Descriptive Statistics, and Throw That Out? (The latter is about research ethics.) Thank you to biostatistician Leila Zelnick for helping me understand enough statistics to write these songs!
4/4/18 Last spring, as part of my teacher training, I spent a month in the classroom of Tami Caraballo, an outstanding biology and biotechnology teacher at Glacier Peak High School in Snohomish, Washington. While I was there, I helped her write up one of her many fun and innovative teaching ideas: the "protein resume." It was just published in The Science Teacher, the high school-level journal of the National Science Teachers' Association (NSTA).
3/31/18 I sing to my students, but I encourage them to sing too, and sometimes they take me up on it! Here are some examples of student-written, student-performed songs.
2/4/18 I have created a "Worksheets" web page, where some of my POGIL-style anatomy & physiology worksheets are posted, just in case anyone wants to use them (either with or without editing them).
12/8/17 So long, St. John! I hope you enjoyed your farewell song.
11/27/17 Just published in CBE-Life Sciences Education: my review of the book The Core Concepts of Physiology by Joel Michael et al.
10/24/17 Just published in Advances in Physiology Education: my paper Which way do the ions go? A graph-drawing exercise for understanding electrochemical gradients.
10/15/17 VOICES, a first-of-its-kind online conference on teaching STEM subjects with music, was held on Sept. 27-28. The entire conference has been archived online and may be accessed for free!
10/3/17 Are you a St. John student or parent? Here are my St. John teaching materials!
9/11/17 My next employer, Everett Community College, recently interviewed me for its "Behind the Resume" series.
9/1/17 Here's a new paper coauthored with Jennifer Breckler, a collaborator at San Francisco State University, and Allison Ma, a former undergraduate research assistant: Songwriting to Learn: Can students learn A&P by writing content-rich lyrics?

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