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Hello! In January 2018, I began teaching human anatomy & physiology (full-time, tenure-track) in the Department of Life Sciences at Everett Community College. I previously taught at the University of Puget Sound (2002-03), UW-Seattle (2003-06 and 2013-14), UW-Bothell (2014-17), and South Seattle College (2014-15). I am now an Affiliate Instructor at UW-Bothell, though I do not currently have any regular teaching duties there.

As noted in my curriculum vitae, I have also done laboratory research on infectious disease drug targets (2007-2014) and on the metabolism of methylotrophic bacteria (2003-2007), human skeletal muscles (1996-2002), and plant sphingolipids (1993-1995). My degrees include a Ph.D. in Physiology & Biophysics from the University of Washington (2002), a M.A. in Science Education from Western Governors University (2018), and a B.A. in Biology from Williams College (1995).

It is easiest to reach me by email (, but go ahead and view my complete contact information if you must.

7/1/18 Another five-years-in-the-making paper was finally published (online) today: Songwriting to learn: how high school science fair participants use music to communicate personally relevant scientific concepts (S.J. Ward, R.M. Price, K. Davis, and G.J. Crowther, International Journal of Science Education Part B).
4/4/18 Last spring, as part of my teacher training, I spent a month in the classroom of Tami Caraballo, an outstanding biology and biotechnology teacher at Glacier Peak High School in Snohomish, Washington. While I was there, I helped her write up one of her many fun and innovative teaching ideas: the "protein resume." It was just published in The Science Teacher, the high school-level journal of the National Science Teachers' Association (NSTA).
3/31/18 I sing to my students, but I encourage them to sing too, and sometimes they take me up on it! Here are some examples of student-written, student-performed songs.
2/4/18 I have created a "Worksheets" web page, where some of my POGIL-style anatomy & physiology worksheets are posted, just in case anyone wants to use them (either with or without editing them).
12/8/17 So long, St. John! I hope you enjoyed your farewell song.
11/27/17 Just published in CBE-Life Sciences Education: my review of the book The Core Concepts of Physiology by Joel Michael et al.
10/24/17 Just published in Advances in Physiology Education: my paper Which way do the ions go? A graph-drawing exercise for understanding electrochemical gradients.
10/15/17 VOICES, a first-of-its-kind online conference on teaching STEM subjects with music, was held on Sept. 27-28. The entire conference has been archived online and may be accessed for free!
10/3/17 Are you a St. John student or parent? Here are my St. John teaching materials!
9/11/17 My next employer, Everett Community College, recently interviewed me for its "Behind the Resume" series.
9/1/17 Here's a new paper coauthored with Jennifer Breckler, a collaborator at San Francisco State University, and Allison Ma, a former undergraduate research assistant: Songwriting to Learn: Can students learn A&P by writing content-rich lyrics?

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