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I'm a Lecturer at the Bothell campus of the University of Washington. I spend most of my time teaching biology and nursing students. My research interests include infectious disease drug targets and innovations in STEM education. It is generally easiest to reach me by email (

5/26/16 Our International Journal of Science Education article has recently been made open-access by the publisher, which has also issued a news release: Could sing-a-long science be the key to straight As?
3/2/16 Today, almost exactly 1.5 years after I left full-time lab research behind, my last 1st-author paper based on that research was published: Biochemical screening of five protein kinases from Plasmodium falciparum against 14,000 cell-active compounds.
2/3/16 Thanks to musical collaborator Monty Harper, I now have a really nice recording of my Nernst equation song! (The link is to the video, which is not itself really nice, but includes the really nice music.)
1/19/16 An article we started writing in the spring of 2013 has finally been published in the International Journal of Science Education. Though the title (Leveraging the power of music to improve science education) sounds like that of a review article, it's an empirical study of STEM music videos.
12/14/15 The December 2015 issue of the Journal of Mathematics Education is a special issue on "Music as a Theme for Contextualized Mathematics Education." It includes my article (with coauthors Katie Davis, Kiki Jenkins, and Jennifer Breckler) Integration of math jingles into physiology courses.
8/7/15 The AAAS website has now published my spring 2014 students' annotations of two Science papers. Our entries are A shoot full of sugar helps the flowering begin (based on V. Wahl et al., Science 339: 704-7, 2013) and Shape shifters of the plant world (based on D. Vlad et al., Science 343:780-3, 2014).
6/17/15 The display "STEM songs: not just child's play" may now be seen on the bottom floor of UW-Bothell's Discovery Hall. I designed it with my son Phil (UWB Class of 2029).
5/27/15 UW-Bothell students, I want your help! Please see the openings page for more information.
5/18/15 Three summers ago, UW medical student Sarah Weller performed a high-throughput screen seeking to identify new inhibitors of the Sec pathway. A report on that screen and follow-up work was published today (online) in the Journal of Biomolecular Screening.
5/1/15 Former undergraduate research assistant Jack Mo has been accepted to medical school at the University of Washington and will begin his studies there in the fall. Congratulations, Jack!

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