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New Neurons in Neocortex? New Study Says NO!
December 30, 2001

Heads Up on Bike Helmet Law
December 19, 2001

Women Have More Frontal Lobe Neurons Than Men
December 7, 2001

Sea Anemone May Provide Drug to Treat Multiple Sclerosis
December 7, 2001

Common Pain Reliever May Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer's Disease
November 30, 2001

First Vaccine for West Nile Virus Announced
November 15, 2001

Nicotine -- The Danger of Just One Cigarette
November 2, 2001

Turtles Find Their Way Using Magnetic Fields
October 25, 2001

Fighting Foul Frogs with Caffeine
October 12, 2001

Brain Damage in Children with Schizophrenia
October 4, 2001

Cigarette Ads - A Promise Broken
September 26, 2001

To Shave or Not to Shave...That is the Question
Shaved heads do not reduce the risk of infection after brain surgery.
August 20, 2001

Dinosaur Noses on the Move
August 13, 2001

Puzzling Increase in Head Injuries
August 11, 2001

Seal Navigation: Right Under Their Noses
July 23, 2001

Music Reduces Stress in Surgery Patients
July 23, 2001

Alcohol and Tobacco Use in G-Rated Animated Movies
June 22, 2001

Jet Lag May Affect Your Brain
June 15, 2001

Monkeys Shed Light on the Nightlight Controversy
June 3, 2001

Foot-powered Scooter Injuries On the Rise
May 17, 2001

Gene Therapy Treatment Used for Alzheimer's Disease
May 2, 2001

Twins Born Joined at Their Heads are Surgically Separated
April 24, 2001

Too Hot!
Does Overheating Contribute to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)?
April 17, 2001

Getting Tough with Ecstasy
April 5, 2001

Filling a Gap in the Bruxism Puzzle
April 3, 2001

No Link Found Between Cell Phone Use and Brain Tumors
March 2, 2001

Nobel Controversy Surfaces
March 1, 2001

The Case of the Missing Viking Helmets
February 22, 2001

Monitoring the Future Survey
Teen Drug Use Data Released
January 23, 2001

Abracadabra: Bone Marrow Cells Turn into Brain Cells
January 23, 2001

A Glimmer of Hope for Huntington's Disease Patients
January 11, 2001

Go Ahead...Take the Plunge
Scuba Diving Does NOT Pose a Risk to the Brain
January 5, 2001


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