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Chocolate: Sweet News
December 22, 2000

Backyard Neurotoxin On the Way Out
EPA Cites Unacceptable Risk of Diazinon to Consumers
December 11, 2000

Infant Skulls Only a Fraction as Strong as Adult Skulls
December 11, 2000

A Ticklish Question
December 5, 2000

Three Noble Neuroscientists
October 27, 2000

Survey Tackles Football Concussions
October 18, 2000

Feeling Illogical? Take a Nap!
October 16, 2000

Hibernating Ground Squirrel Brains Weather the Cold
October 9, 2000

Feeling Sick to Your Stomach?
It's All in Your Head!
September 29, 2000

Just Sleep On It!
Sleep May Enhance Memory and Learning
August 20, 2000

The Location of Intelligence in the Brain...Found?
August 3, 2000

No Helmet, No Bike
July 13, 2000

Alzheimer's Disease on the Rise
July 13, 2000

Ferreting Out the Facts About Visual System Wiring
June 23, 2000

US EPA Bans Common Pesticide (Chlorpyrifos)
Cites Risk of Neurological Damage
June 13, 2000

Brain Abnormalities in Gulf War Veterans
June 9, 2000

New Guidelines for Diagnosing ADHD
June 1, 2000

Does Drinking Coffee Prevent Parkinson's Disease?
May 25, 2000

Temperature and Taste Tangle on the Tongue
May 18, 2000

No Joke: Laughter May Make You Weak
May 5, 2000

Methamphetamine May Cause Long-Lasting Brain Damage
May 5, 2000

Smelly Research
May 3, 2000

Eugene O'Neill - What Went Wrong
April 22, 2000

Pain: A Common Complaint
April 14, 2000

Increasing Use of Stimulants and Antidepressants Sounds an Alarm
April 14, 2000

Turn the (Night) Lights Back On?
New studies suggest that nightlight use by children does not increase the risk of nearsightedness
March 28, 2000

$ MIT Receives $350 Million to Establish an Institute for Brain Research
March 27, 2000

Pokemon on the Brain
Photosensitive Seizures
March 11, 2000

The Narcolepsy Gene and Man's Best Friend
March 4, 2000

Brain Tries To Help After Sleep Deprivation
February 25, 2000

The Hippocampus and Memory
February 4, 2000

Possible Link Between a Virus and "Lou Gehrig's Disease"
February 2, 2000

Michael J. Fox Focusing on Fight Ahead
January 28, 2000

Do Roller Coasters Give You a Pain in the Head?
January 21, 2000


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