ATMS 290 – WxChallenge

ATMS 290 is a 1 credit CR/NR class where everyone participates in the national forecast contest. Offered Fall and Winter quarters. We meet once a week to discuss the current forecast city, everyone makes forecasts 4 days a week and there are winners for each category, each city, overall winners and more. Contact me if you want to participate. Learn more about the contest here: http://www.wxchallenge.com/ 

Our team won the national contest in 2019!! See blog post: http://www.washington.edu/news/2019/04/04/april-weather-madness-uw-wins-top-team-individual-prizes-in-national-forecasting-contest-now-enters-tournament-round/

ATMS 370 – Atmospheric Structure and Analysis

Structure and evolution of extratropical cyclones, fronts and convective systems. Surface and upper air analysis techniques. Radar and satellite data. Real-world applications of basic dynamical principles. Introduction to operational products and forecasting.

Lab webpage at: https://atmos.washington.edu/~mcmurdie/classes/370/home.html

ATMS 442/504 – Atmospheric Motions II/Atmospheric Dynamics

Wave dynamics, numerical prediction, development of midlatitude synoptic systems, and general circulation. Includes laboratory exercises. Webpage via Canvas (sorry folks)

ATMS 502 – Introduction to Synoptic Meteorology (Graduate Level)

Overview of weather systems; atmospheric observations and data assimilation. Elementary manual and computer-aided synoptic analysis techniques. Interpretation of satellite and ground based observations. Kinematics. Fronts and frontogenesis; life cycles of extratropical cyclones; related mesoscale phenomena. Numerical weather prediction; interpretation of forecast products.

Webpage: https://atmos.washington.edu/academics/classes/2019Q2/502/index.html