Current Postdoctoral Fellows

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Charles DeLahunt (2018-present)


Research Area: Machine Learning and Neural Networks, Computational Neuroscience

PhD 2017 - Electrical Engineering - Washington (Advisor - Nathan Kutz)
Thesis - Smart as a Bug: A Computational Model of Learning in the Moth Olfactory Network, with Applications to Neural Nets






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Noah Brenowitz (2017-present with Christopher Bretherton)


Research Area: Atmospheric Sciences, Machine Learning, Scientific Computing

PhD 2017 - Mathematics - Courant Institute, NYU (Advisor - Andrew Majda)






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Eurika Kaiser (2016-present with Steven L. Brunton)


Research Area: Reduced Order Modeling, Machine learning, Fluid Dynamics

PhD 2015 - Fluid Dynamics - Universite de Poitiers (Advisor - Bernd Noack)
Thesis - Cluster-based reduced order models

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