Current Postdoctoral Fellows

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Joe Bakarji (2020-present with Steven Brunton)


Research Area: Stochastic and Multiscale Modeling

PhD 2020 - Mechanical Engineering - Stanford University (Advisor - Daniel Tartakovsky)
Thesis - Stochastic multiscale modeling of complex materials





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Jason Bramburger (2020-present with Steven Brunton)


Research Area: Dynamical Systems

PhD 2017 - Electrical Engineering - University of Ottawa (Advisors - Victor Gilles Leblanc & Benoit Dionne)
Thesis - On the existence and stability of rotating wave solutions to lattice dynamical systems





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Charles DeLahunt (2018-present)


Research Area: Machine Learning and Neural Networks, Computational Neuroscience

PhD 2017 - Electrical Engineering - Washington (Advisor - Nathan Kutz)
Thesis - Smart as a Bug: A Computational Model of Learning in the Moth Olfactory Network, with Applications to Neural Nets





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Henning Lange (2019-present)


Research Area: Machine Learning and Dynamical Systems

PhD 2019 - Civil & Environmental Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University (Advisor - Mario Berges)
Thesis - Variational Methods for Energy Systems





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Zachary Nicolaou (2021-present)


Research Area: Networks, Multi-scale Physics and Dynamical Systems

PhD 2017 - Physics - California Institute of Technology (Advisor - Sandra Troian)
Thesis - Symmetry and variational analysis of fluid interface equations in the thin film limit





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Shaowu Pan (2021-present)


Research Area: Deep Learning and Reduced Order Models

PhD 2020 - Aerospace Engineering - Michigan (Advisor - Karthik Duraisamy)
Thesis - Robust and interpretable learning for operator-theoretic modeling of nonlinear dynamics





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Jordan Snyder (2019-present with Steven L. Brunton)


Research Area: Networks and Dynamical Systems

PhD 2019 - Mathematics - University of California, Davis (Advisor - Raissa D'Souza)
Thesis - Collective Behavior in Dynamics on Networks

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