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Neuroscience For Kids

Nervous System Assignment

(Developed by Mrs. Johanna Tomik, 7th grade science teacher, Haviland Middle School, Hyde Park, New York)

This assignment is due on:_______________________.

Where to go for information:

The web site to use for your information is Neuroscience for Kids. You can get to it by using a search engine and typing "Neuroscience for Kids" or by going directly to this address:

Choices for this project

You have many choices of how to complete this project:

  1. Write a one page report using Neuroscience for Kids website as a resource. To do this, go to the Neuroscience for Kids main menu, then go to Explore the Nervous System and check out the topics.
    Some examples:
    • She Brains-He Brains (are boys and girls brains different?)
    • Laughter and the Brain
    • Soccer and the Brain
    • Chocolate and the Nervous System
    • The Effect of Drugs on the Nervous System
    • Yawning: Why We Yawn and Why are they Contagious?
    • Narcolepsy (Find out what it is!)
  2. Use play dough to make a model of the human brain and label it. Go to Neuroscience for Kids main menu, and then click on "Experiments and Projects". From there, click on "Modeling the Nervous System." Scroll through the projects to find the brain model. Directions for making models of other parts of the nervous system can also be done.
  3. Do an experiment involving the nervous system. For this go to the Neuroscience for Kids main menu. From there, go to "Experiments and Projects." Then go to either "Reflexes", "Senses", "Memory and Learning", "Sleep and Dreaming", or "Sidedness", Choose from some of those activities. Be able to show what you did, and write a paragraph to show what you learned.
  4. Make a poster of brain trivia facts (at least 35) that you think are interesting. For this please go to
  5. Make three optical illusions and explain how they work. (for help with this go to: or go to the Neuroscience for Kids main menu, and click on "Experiments and Projects." From there, click on "The Senses" and when you get there, click on the picture of the eye. Lots of neat things to find!
  6. Explore other things in the Neuroscience for Kids website and come up with a different project that interests you.

Before you begin your project:

Look through the Neuroscience for Kids website to check out the possibilities. See your teacher to get your idea approved.

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