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Neuroscience For Kids

2016 Neuroscience for Kids Poetry Contest

The 2016 Neuroscience for Kids Poetry Contest is NOW Closed. Judging has been completed and winners have been sent their prizes.

Here are the winning poems:

Kindergarten to Grade 2: poem in any style

From Clara G.
Thinking with your brain is easy to do
You try it and you'll think so too!
It helps you see and climb a tree
It makes you different from me.
From Alaa K-S.
Inside my head,
Inside your head,
Between our ears and behind our eyes,
Lies a wonderful thing called a brain.
It's formed of billions of neurons,
It feels like jelly and looks like a walnut,
It is made up of two halves,
The right controls the left,
The left controls the right,
Your skull protects it to keep it safe.
From Isabella D.
Brains help you learn and think.
Every day is good to learn.
Struggle making new sparks
Crossing the synaptic gap,
Sparking new connections.

Grade 3 to Grade 5: poem must rhyme.

From Sophia A.
Rapid Eye Movement and Slow-Wave Sleep,
The eyes are closed, but the brain will leap.
Unimportant memories like a broom are swept,
While good, essential thoughts are tucked away and kept.
The muscles in your body take a much needed break,
As the dreams begin forming, the brain cells awake.
All through the night, your health increases,
Your mood relaxes, your stress releases.
Eight hours of sleep is needed at night,
For happiness to find you, and the brain to ignite!
From Deka D.
My brain is like a lion
Stalking mathematics in the form of a gazelle.
Knowledge it is devouring,
Neurons ringing like a bell.
My amygdala has been conquered
I have no fear or flight.
Hippocampus, not a hippo,
I am the predator, not prey tonight.

Grade 6 to Grade 8: poem must haiku.

From Nathan B.
Factory of dreams.
Never ending growing tree.
Cortex, Neurons, Me.
From Graham A.
My command center
Billions of synapses fire
I move my pencil

Grade 9 to Grade 12: poem must be a limerick.

From Diya R.
A cluster of tissue and membrane
Made light pink by the great Galen Vein.
Sends signals to nerves,
Has ridges and curves -
It's the spongy mass known as our brain.

College student, teacher, parent or someone else: poem must rhyme and explain why it is important to learn about the brain.

From Fauziya I.A.A.
The most powerful organ humans possess,
Can you ponder and guess?
A vast sea of electro-chemical activity,
It has forever been the center of mystery.
Language, memory, imagination and motivation,
Yes, the brain is its central station.
Learning, aging, senses and perception,
All is possible through neuronal connection.
States of consciousness, commands, emotions and more,
Yet, there is still so much to explore.


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