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Neuroscience For Kids

The Senses

Many of these experiments and activities require children to be blindfolded. Remember that some people may not like to be blindfolded. In this case, have them cover their eyes with their hands.






Working Together

Our SENSES tell us:

  1. What is out in the environment.
  2. How much is out there.
  3. Is there more or less of it than before.
  4. Where is it.
  5. Is it changing in time or place.

scorpion For some interesting ways in which animals have developed their senses, go to Amazing Animal Senses. Also for more specific information about how our senses work, check out the Neuroscience for Kids web site On The Senses.

I highly recommend the FANTASTIC site developed by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute called Seeing, Hearing and Smelling the World.

2do Try it! Do you like interactive word search puzzles? Make sure your browser is "java-enabled" and try these:


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