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Exposure Setup
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Definition: A radiation exposure scenario is a collection of one or more sequential time intervals in which the instantaneous absorbed dose rate is a constant (average) value greater than or equal to zero.  For additional discussion and examples, see the Radiation Delivery section of the manual.

  • DECAY (exponentially decreasing dose rates, e.g., near brachytherapy seeds).
  • RADX (single dose of radiation delivered at constant dose rate + other)
  • SDRX (split-dose exposures)
  • XBRT (external beam and IMRT exposure scenarios).  See the DFDM: keyword for additional fraction delivery options.

Tip: To setup DECAY exposure scenarios, the half-life or decay constant of the isotope must be specified.  A table of half-lives for many common radioisotopes is available elsewhere in the VC manual. 

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Last updated: 10 June, 2011