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Course Offerings in Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near East
Academic Year 2014-2015 (courses taught by Prof. Scott Noegel and Dr. Gary Martin)


The Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization (NELC), University of Washington
This is my home department and the one I currently chair. NELC courses offer great breadth, in terms of the number of different languages taught, and great depth, in terms of the historical range our courses cover (from ancient to medieval to modern periods).


Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Studies Program (H-BANES)
The H-BANES Program and major in NELC offers a diverse array of topical courses in translation on biblical and other ancient Near Eastern topics, as well as the study of ancient Near Eastern texts in their original languages.


Department of History, University of Washington
Classes in the Department of History spans the globe and extends across human history, from ancient and medieval times through to the late twentieth century. I have been an adjunct in the Department of History since 2000.


Comparative Literature, Film, and Media Department (CLFMD), University of Washington
Courses in the CLFMD examine connections among various literary, visual, and cultural traditions. I have been an adjunct member since 2002.


Comparative Religion Program (CRP), University of Washington
Course in the CRP focus on the academic and interdisciplinary study of religions past and present. I have been a faculty member since coming to UW.


The Stroum Center for Jewish Studies, University of Washington
The SC is UW's institution for the academic study of Jewish life in its many diverse cultural, intellectual, religious, and international contexts. When I first came to UW I was a Hazel D.Cole Fellow in the program. I have been a member of the faculty ever since.


Religion Compass on-line journal
Unique in both range and approach, Religion Compass is an online-only journal publishing original, peer-evaluated, state-of-the-art surveys of current research from across the entire discipline. I am the current Co-Editor-in-Chief of the journal.


Scott Noegel personal site
Personal web site that features my work in music, film, and the visual arts from the 1980s to the present.


Digital Image Archive: The Ancient Near East
I created this collection of documents artifacts and archaeological sites of the ancient Near East. While the majority of the collection depicts structures and sites dating from 3000 BCE to 200 CE, the collection also has images of more recent sites, such as the al-Azhar Mosque and the modern creation, Lake Nasser.