Research Field:

Current Group Members (Alphabetical by first name):
    Caitlin Cornell - Graduate Student in Chemistry.
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    Awards: 2015 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Honorable Mention, S.P. Pavlou and D.E. Strayer Endowed Fellowship in Chemistry, 2015 NIH Molecular Biophysics Fellowship, 2016 Biophysical Society Student Research Achievement Award

    Glennis Rayermann - Graduate Student in Chemistry.
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    Awards: ARCS Fellow, NDSEG Fellow, NSF Graduate Fellow

    Moshe Gordon - Undergraduate Researcher.
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    Awards: 2014 UW Robinson Scholarship in Chemistry, UW Undergrad Research Program Travel Award to the 2015 Biophysical Society Conference, 2015-16 Undergraduate Research Leader, 2015-16 UW Mary Gates Research Scholar, 2015 UW Benson Scholarship in Chemistry, 2016 Dept. of Chemistry Undergraduate Research Award

    Ranee James - Undergraduate Researcher.
    More photos.
    Awards: UW Undergraduate Research Leader 2013-present, 2014 Mary Gates Scholarship, 2014 APS Minority Scholarship, 2014 UW Chemistry Boeing Scholarship, UW Undergraduate Research Program Travel Award to the 2014 and 2015 Biophysical Society Conference and the 2015 National Conference of Undergraduate Research

    Roy Black - Affiliate Professor of Bioengineering.
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    Sarah L. Keller - Professor of Chemistry (and Physics).
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    UW Chem. Dept. Page, Bio (pdf), Downloadable CV (pdf), Google Scholar Profile, Former Assoc. Dean, Link List

    Scott Rayermann - Graduate Student in Chemistry.
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    Awards: George and Agnes Irene Cady Fellowship in Chemistry, Lloyd and Florence West Fellowship in Chemistry, 2013-14 Teaching Excellence Award from UW's Alpha Epsilon Delta, UW-GSFEI travel grant to 2015 Biophysical Society Meeting, Biophysical Society 2016 Education Travel Award


What do we do?

    25-min 2010 lecture presenting some of our research results to biochemists.
    30-min 2012 lecture presenting other research results to theoretical physicists.
    55-min 2015 lecture by Roy Black to NASA astrobiologists.
    40-min 2015 lecture on the membrane physical chemistry of Harden McConnell and how it relates to recent work in our lab. (Forward to 3:18:55-3:58:30 of the video. Click HERE for full transcript and slides.)
Alumni: Post-Docs, Ph.D.s, and Masters (and awards while in our lab)
    Jake Ashcraft - M.S. in Chemistry, 2009.
    Associate Dean and Professor at South Seattle College. Awards at UW: Natt-Lingafelter Graduate Award, UW-Chemistry Travel Award, Puget Sound Society for Technical Communication Scholarship. Photos.

    Adrienne Battle - Ph.D. in Physics, 2007.
    Current Assoc. Prof. at Green River Community College. Awards at UW: ARCS Fellowship, Dept. of Physics Fellowship, IGERT Award from the UW Center for Nanotechnology.

    Matt Blosser - Ph.D. in Physics, 2014.
    Current NIH NRSA postdoctoral fellow at the University of Oxford. Awards at UW: UW Graduate School Top Scholar Award, Molecular Biophysics Fellowship (twice), finalist 2010 Biophysical Society Student Research Achievement Award, 2012 Biophysical Society Travel Award, UW's 2014 Lindau Fellow Nominee, 2014 Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium Fellowship, 2014 Dehmelt Prize in Experimental Physics. Photos.

    Mebbie Beattie (Landsness) - M.S. in Chemistry, 2004.
    Current Chemistry teacher. Awards at UW: Outstanding TA Award 2003, UW GK-12 Fellowship. Photos.

    Joan Bleecker - Ph.D. in Chemistry, 2015.
    Current Chemistry Lecturer at UW Tacoma. Awards at UW: Molecular Biophysics Fellowship 2011-2013, UW-GSFEI travel grant to 2012 Faraday Discussions in London, 2012-2013 and 2014-2015 UW Chemistry Graduate Student Merit Fellowship, 2013 Biophysical Society Travel Award, 2013 Lindau Fellow, UW-GSFEI travel grant to 2015 Biophysical Society Meeting, 2015 Ford Foundation Fellowship Honorable Mention. Photos.

    Marcus Collins - Postdoctoral Fellow, 2006-2008.
    Current Scientist/Senior Fellow at Placed, Inc. Awards at UW: Ruth Kirschstein NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship. Photos.

    Marci DeLeon - M.S. in Chemistry, 2002.
    Current Chemist with the USDA.

    Christina Faller - M.S. in Chemistry and Biophysical Structure and Design, 2015.
    Current Chemistry and Science Teacher. Photos.

    Michael Halter - Postdoctoral Fellow, 2004-2005.
    Current NIST Research Scientist. Awards at UW: UW-MDITR STC Postdoctoral Travel Grant.

    Aurelia Honerkamp-Smith - Ph.D. in Chemistry, 2010.
    Current Oppenheimer Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Cambridge. Awards at UW: Natt-Lingafelter Graduate Award, Molecular Biophysics Fellowship, Nanotechnology Fellowship (twice), 2007 Biophysical Society Travel Award, Travel Award to 2007 Gordon Conference on Mechanisms of Cell Signaling (Oxford, UK), Fellowship to Boulder Summer School for Complex Fluids and Biological Materials, UW Rabinovitch Fellowship, UW-Chemistry Travel Award, Best Poster at Geilo (Norway) Advanced Study Institute Winter School on Order, Robustness and Instabilities in Complex Systems, 2009 Soft Condensed Matter Gordon Conference Travel Award, UW 2009 CNT Student Symposium Best Presentation/Travel Award, UW Rowland Endowed Research Merit Award in Chemistry, National 2010 Anna Louise Hoffman Award for Outstanding Achievement in Graduate Research, National 2010 IGERT Project Meeting Poster Award, 2011 College of Arts & Sciences Dean's Medal for Outstanding Graduate Student in Natural Sciences, 2011 UW Graduate School Distinguished Dissertation Award. Photos.
    Heena Lakhani - M.S. in Chemistry, 2007.
    Current NSF staff in the Directorate for Education and Human Resources. Awards at UW: UW GK-12 Fellowship.

    Jonathan Litz - Ph.D. in Chemistry, 2015.
    Current Software Engineer, Data Sciences Group, Microsoft. Awards at UW: Leon J. Slutsky Fellowship in Chemistry, Brian R. Reid Fellowship in Chemistry, NSF Graduate Fellow, 2012 Lindau Fellow, 2012 UW Travel Award, 2013 Biophysical Society Travel Award, PBS Newshour STEM superstar, 2012-13 and 2014-15 UW Chemistry Graduate Student Merit Fellowship, 2014 UW Excellence in Teaching nominee. Photos.

    Thomas Portet - Postdoctoral Fellow, 2011-2013.
    Current Software Engineer, Data Sciences Group, Microsoft. Awards at UW: La Fondation Bettencourt Prix pour les Jeunes Chercheurs, UW Sackler Fellow, 2011 Travel Award to Soft Condensed Matter Gordon Conference, Prix Novela (Awarded by the City of Toulouse), Prix de l'Academie des Sciences - Inscriptions et Belles Lettres de Toulouse, Skinner Prize for Best Poster at the Faraday Discussion 161 on Lipids and Membrane Biophysics, London, 2013 UW Postdoctoral Mentor Award Honorable Mention. Photos.

    Cynthia Stanich - Ph.D. in Chemistry, 2012.
    Current Research Scientist, UW Chemistry. Awards at UW: Honen Fellowship, Travel Award to Chemistry Education Research Graduate Student Conference, Travel Award to 2010 Biophysical Society Conference, 2nd Place 2011 Biophysical Society Student Research Achievement Award, Department of Chemistry 2010-2011 Outstanding Teaching Award, 1st Place 2012 Biophysical Society Student Research Achievement Award, Travel Award to 2012 Conference on Transforming Research in Undergraduate STEM Education (TRUSE). Photos.

    Ben Stottrup - Ph.D. in Physics, 2005.
    Current Associate Professor, Department Chair, and Distinguished Mentor in Physics at Augsburg College. Awards at UW: Nanotechnology Fellowship Award, ASCB Travel Award. Photos.
    Sarah Veatch - Ph.D. in Physics, 2004; Postdoctoral Fellow, 2004-2005.
    Current Assistant Professor in Biophysics at the University of Michigan. Awards at UW: Henderson Prize in Physics, Karrer Prize in Physics, Nanotechnology Fellowship Award, BMSD Fellowship Award, 2003 Biophysical Society SRAA Award, Travel Award NATO Biophysics Summer School, Poster Competition NATO Biophysics Summer School, ASCB Travel Award, Biophysical Society Travel Award. Photos.
Alumni: Undergraduate Researchers (and awards while in our lab)
    Laniesha Cobb - UW NSF REU Participant; Current Vice President for Institutes at Teach for America.
    Marie Higinbotham - 2012 NSF REU Researcher; Current staff with Washington Service Corps. Photos.
    Pokuan (Paul) Ho - Current teacher with Taiwanese Educational Substitute Military Service.
    Peter Holmes - Current dental student in the UW School of Dentistry. Photos.
    Ben Horst - Mary Gates Scholar, Washington Research Fdn. Fellow, 2011-12 UW Undergrad Research Conference Travel Award; Current UC Berkeley Chemistry grad student. Photos.
    Thien-An Hua - 2010 NSF REU Researcher; Current IT manager at SightLife. Photos.
    Kim Klonoff (Day) - UW Chemical Sciences Research Fellow.
    Andrea Lamprecht - Undergraduate Researcher; Current medical student at Univ. of Queensland. Photos.
    Jialing Li - UW NSF REU Participant; Ph.D. in physics at MIT, Current data scientist at Pandora.
    Matthew Loo - UW Undergrad Research Symposium Participant, Current professional engineer.
    Rayna Matsuno - Ph.D. in epidemiology at Johns Hopkins; Current postdoc with UC San Diego Health System. Photos.
    Morgan McGuinness - 2011 NNIN REU Intern, Award for best NNIN poster; Current staff with Fast Enterprises. Photos.
    Nathan Pennock - UW Mary Gates Undergrad Research Fellow; Current postdoc at OHSU.
    Jordan Starr - Undergrad Dream Team Researcher; M.D. from Univ of Michigan, Current anesthesiologist. Photos.
    Daniel Stevens - Became graduate student at UCSB, then staff scientist at PATH. Photos.
    Mark Stevens - 2007 & 2008 Mary Gates Scholar, UW Arts & Sciences Research Award, Chem Dept Merck Index Award; Current grad student at MIT. Photos.
    Emily Terrell - UW Space Grant Summer Research Program; MSc in Wine Biotech from UBC; Current Asst Winemaker at Winderlea Vineyard.
    Kathy Toreson - Ph.D. in Neuroscience at Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore; Current Adjunct Prof at Univ. of Baltimore.
    Cameron Turtle - NSF REU, Undergrad Dream Team, 2009-10 Mary Gates Scholar, 2011 Goldwater Scholar, 2012 Rhodes Scholar. TEDx talk (see 5:30), Photos.

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