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1. Any course for Biochemistry Students:

  • Why should biochemists care about calculus and physics?
  • 2. Mathematics preparation for chemistry courses

  • Caveat: I have not used these sites, so am not personally endorsing any of them.
  • Khan Academy Free algebra, geometry, linear algebra, probability, calculus, differential equations, physics, and chemistry preparation (A treasure trove to prepare you for any undergraduate chemistry class at UW.)
  • Free SAT preparation (Math used in 1st year general chemistry)
  • Free SAT and GRE preparation (Math used 1st year general chemistry through 4th year physical chemistry
  • Dome SAT Review Free SAT review
  • 3. Chem452 (Thermo for Biochemists)

  • Motivation: higher homework grades are correlated with higher exam scores. Here is the data (.pdf file)
  • Explanation of how I calculate your grade.
  • Class notes example.
  • This course requires calculus and some physics. As a prerequisite, you should be able to do this self tutorial (.pdf).
  • 4. Chem 461 (Physical Chemistry Lab)

  • Advice on Writing Lab Reports
  • 5. General Chemistry

  • Berkeley's entire Chem1A course

  • Helpful sites for instructors and TAs:

  • Compelling reasons to ban laptops in classrooms based on solid data.
  • Should computers be banned from classes?
  • Emory's Science Education Journal Club (Eric Weeks)
  • Teaching apps
  • Worksheet on Molarity of Products in Solution by Cynthia Stanich
  • Information on Reducing Stereotype Threat
  • HHMI free science education materials
  • How to assess whether you've written a good exam question: from Raghu's blog
  • .

    Helpful sites for students; Geek fun

  • Nomination form for UW TA teaching awards (.pdf) Nominate good TAs!
  • UW TV lectures in physical sciences, health, and engineering
  • Dictionary of units
  • The Amazing HyperPhysics Site ("Wall tension" at the index to the right is a good example.)
  • NIST site for physical constants
  • Mathworld mathematics resource
  • Pretty Orbitals
  • Rap songs/videos to remember Organic Chemistry reactions
  • Make your own crossword puzzles
  • Inspiring TED talk on how to teach math
  • Why is the sky dark at night?
  • Jet-cooled beer
  • Ridiculously slow experiments
  • Crocheting the lorenz manifold
  • Speed of light with a marshmallow
  • What's in Hanford's backyard? (short YouTube)
  • Bad Physics in Movies
  • Singing about science
  • A short, yet compelling work...
  • ... and the scathing rebuttal
  • For more, click HERE and scroll down.

  • Easy volunteer opportunities for do-gooders (and/or pre-meds building resumes)

  • Northwest Harvest Food Bank
  • PCC Food Bank Packaging Program
  • Compendium of volunteering sites through UW Carlson Center
  • "Ludwig Boltzmann, who spent much of his life studying statistical mechanics, died in 1906, by his own hand. Paul Ehrenfest, carrying on the work, died similarly in 1933. Now it is our turn to study statistical mechanics. Perhaps it will be wise to approach the subject cautiously." David L. Goodstein, States of Matter (Prentice-Hall 1975).

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